Friday, February 29, 2008

Vday drinks

It was Valentine day in between my visit to Singapore and it was rather sweet of some of my frens to pop over the hotel just for a quick hug and short round of social drinks.

Eric and Jennifer finished dinner and they called to meet at Mezza 9 for a quick chill. Eric of course didnt miss his dig at me for not calling him when i was back. He only knew of my return via Jen. I sheepishly endure his teases since he rather insists I had previously promised to catch up when i was back in my last trip back...So well, his beer was on me for the nite. :P However, my pineapple was on Jen as an advance bday treat! Ha! Lucky me :P

Obviously i was the most underdress in demin skirt and polo top that nite (esp on a VDAY nite out!) but honestly, who cares. I prob was the only one staying in the hotel too judging from the crowd... Plus I wasnt out to impress anyone least of all in a bar. Me and jen had a quick scan and jen was quick to inform us that it was a horrible scene, too many " 'Pretty' young things with super ugly OLD man..."

Halfway thru, we tried to get manwin but his mobile was flat. So instead, lucky me got Norm instead. He was near orchard cinelesiure so he walked over for a quick one in the last half hour before we split. Jen had to be home by midnite so we took the chance to grab a pix. Its amazing how quickly time flies and now we have all except for Eric depart our previous company and moved on to other paths.

So pixs for the old work gang to rem the nite by!

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