Monday, February 25, 2008

A brand new lunar new year

As most friends could attest, I have never been any fan of Chinese New Year.

Comes this year however, I had felt slightly differently about it after having to fly home for it. Reunion dinner suddenly had a more significant meaning and anticipation to be with family members that are "out of daily reach" easily. Despite all modern technology and all, nothing beats being at home in person.

Mum as usual was busy with her annual cookfeast, whipping up a storm of goodies. This chinese new year has an added layer of significance, especially so because we are surrounded only by people that is truly part of this family.

It's a good year because despite previous insignificant interlude, everything good has remained and whatever else that had been irrelevant and nonworthy of our lives has bite dust. Cheers to that!We had good laughs, traditional sibling chit chats over the table while mum dish out our favourite milk tea to sip over our sharings for the past years. I think outsiders will never be able to comprehend the bonds we have. It may appear seemingly frail and non existent but in reality, unknowing people would not understand the strong intricate bonding we share.

This year has been a nite of story telling, oh what an account it had been! It was a nite where we learnt how self delusional some people could be in this world, not to mention inventing a whole junk of tarradiddble of their own life with half truths and baloney. Quite a psycho really.

Afterwards, my adorable nephews started a new game of combing my hair. I didnt know where this sudden interest triggered from but I guess for this year, I have become a live doll to play with for the 2 fellows. And in between, we had to play battle of the field with imaginery guns and shields going "bang bang bang" for a good part of the nite.

Its funny seeing them and thinking about the years we were growing up, me and my brothers. The funny mischiefs they got into with me as sole witness, and the grand execution of building our own domino thru the whole house with all the casette tapes available. The moments they broke the glass wall lamps with their footwork while playing football in the house, and others with inquistive me dismantling and destroying their gadgets, unscrewing a red national hand carried radio and many more, sending my brothers into bouts despairs and frustrations... Sure brings a chuckle at the thought of it.

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