Monday, February 4, 2008

Being a doc is tough...

Gwen came and left. Definitely dun envy her. I knew it was tough learning to be a practicing doctor, but seeing her mugging for her never ending papers, it is worse than I had imagined.

Being a doctor is tough, its no wonder why some doctors in public hospitals think they are underpaid. If u actually see the amount and tons of things they have to know and memorise, the published papers and cases they have to be familiar, the maths and formulas to understand...hell! They deserve the money they ask for...its a lifetime dedication. Its not a job where u dress up, go in and do a few presentations, attend meetings and have some sort of self importance, being a doctor regardless of the major is a real deal. I thought IT people has it bad, to cope with the everchanging technology, new developments, facing new IT challenges, the medical professionals had it equally bad too, with new virus, new therapies, new theories, new medications. Its never ending study, never ending analysis. Its not a job where u can happily be complacent about like a desk bound job.

She was self amusingly saying, about sometimes she wonder why she put herself thru all these. The stress and all. I couldnt say much since i am not in her shoes. All i could do was to be supportive and get her meals ready to maximise her studying hours. And lastly, a prayer for her to sail thru her papers next month!

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Ah Dom said...

you know what.. from ur MSN msg, i thought u were waiting for Gwen Stefani's concert in Sydney. Hahaha..