Monday, February 25, 2008

"Highschool" New year gathering!

Went to my girlfren's abode for our group gathering this year. Her husband has been a great host after informing me that he has been charged to entertain me. What an honour to be served by an RI boy! haaa haaaa. Moo Moo of course didnt forget to prepare my cans of coke, having bought them weeks in advance:) See! Best frens are good for remembering all your old habits and fav drinks without prompting :P Whaa haaa haaaa. In return, I brought along Ding tai feng's Yusheng for everyone.

This year would be different as little ones would be joining in and I so look forward to each one! I havent seen Moo Moo's daughter since she was born! Big cheeks and boris were also there and I guess they havent reach an age where they learn to mingle yet. Instead, they were singularly focus on their own toys and of course, cakes!

Tracy and hubby brought along the famous Black forest cake (with rum!) while Lynette got us a really pretty and yummy mango cake! It was dessert feast and big cheek was especially delighted! Luckily for me, big cheek always been happy for me to carry her without any resistance and she is just such a sweet obliging princess, with a smile to break hearts:) There was a funny episode where it shows how little i knew children's toys. In one single moment, I prob had reversed tracy and Wf 's efforts in guiding big cheeks to hold the musical instrument correctly, by passing the wrong side of the stick to her to play with. Just when daddy was proudly annoucing recently that jerlene knew how to play a xylophone correctly (Ooops! Sorry daddy and mummy! heee heeee)
Little Boris was alright with me for a short while before very quickly arching for his dad and mum. Had to pass him over before I trigger any tears:)
Little faith has to leave before Boris arrive and so we had 2 seperate group pix sessions. But the 2nd time round, i proclaimed i wanted to be next to lyn because i didnt want to look like "head of the family" being in the middle! That had everyone laughing for a good while:)

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