Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coming home

Do u ever noticed how quickly time flies when U are having a good time? The recent trip back to SG for Chinese New Year Reunion was over before I knew it.

It felt a bit strange coming back today. A sort of loss for the land i left behind, and a sort of temporary detachment towards my adopted city. Perhaps I am mourning the loss of my over indulgence from my family and mum especially. It has been a long while since I could kick back and literally DO NOTHING at home. (Well almost nothing since i still prefer to do my own lanudry:))

Truly, after years of doing everything yourself and running ur own home, it is truly blissful to be "waited" upon with ready piping hot homecook food by mum. She is a god send, with fantastic cooking skills to boot! I could barely bear to leave home during the whole stay since I had all the food I need at home!

Met a few old and new friends & cousins over the hols too.

It was good catching up with those I havent seen since '93. Again, funny how time has an unexplainable elasticity nature in your head. It didnt feel that long, yet when you look back, another 10-15 years has gone you by and its a shocker. While it doesnt alter the fact that we are all older from our youthful days, catching up with people from your past possess that magical effect of transporting you through time and having u feel young again as you reminisce about the "old times" together.

Its funny how as one gets older, you too begin to miss your folks more and more. It isnt the result from the pampering. It is more like you begin to see them getting frail and you feel helpless about time's ravages on them. And on my part, a slight pang about being a thousand miles across the sea from mum.

All in all, another year passed, and hopefully, another fruitful and most of all, peaceful year this time round.

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