Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My flight companions.

Apparently the Mon's A380 eve flight back to Sydney was cancelled due to a suspected fuel pump problem. As such, my Tues flight was full and cramped from some people spilled over from the previous day. I overheard some passengers gleefully talking about the compensation. Honestly, I was glad that I picked to return on Tues as the hassle would not have been worth the money.

Over the numerous flights through the years to anywhere, I have observed a strange "phenomenon". If I am travelling alone in economy, I would always end up having a male Indian "neighbor" sitting next to me (even on china trips). The hit rate is as high as 90%. Not that I have any issue with it, it was just sort of sudden realisation on the frequency that made your brains go "clicked"...

On my way back this time, I had an indian guy heading back to sydney for his uni course. He had been in India with his parents and heading back for school. He was pretty restless and he was telling me how much he hated the time on the plane. Guess the hundreds of movies and music wasnt enough to keep him busy. We chatted for a while, exchanged a few book topics and movies talk, before I succumbed to the sandman and fell asleep. At least he was pretty considerate and he turned off the overhead lights when he noticed me dozing off. Bless him. I hate sleeping with lights on.

However, the best deal was that on way back, no one farted in this cabin this time! So i didnt have to suffer 7 hours of toxic air contamination!

On the flight back to sg, the indian guy next to me couldnt stop farting and being a super heavy smoker, he was reeking of the cigarette smell (& B.O) all over even though he couldnt smoke on plane. Much that I appreciate his efforts in wrapping his arms around himself and moving minimally to disturb the surrounding air around us, i had to finally resorted to discreetly fanning myself with the Kris Air magazine. "I could only take that many hours of constant silent smelly farts....". I figured he noticed and must have gone to the loo towards 3/4 of the flight as the smell got less potent towards landing hours....

Perhaps that explains why i fell sick the minute I got off plane and spend good 3 days recovering from cold. My nose probably just couldnt handle the "torture" any more :P

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Ah Dom said...

Haha.. The fart n indians are really funny.