Friday, February 22, 2008

Crappy "Jumper"

If anyone is thinking of watching the movie "Jumper", I would frankly say "save it". Unless u are a great fan of the actor, or some non spectacular CGI effects, or really have nothing to do with 2 hrs of your life, otherwise, this really isnt the movie for u.

The trailer looks fantastic, and since i truly had nothing to do after 10pm in Singapore, I headed to the movie theatre.

It's not boring, but it simply has no storyline, no plot and an actor who perpetually had the same expression as seen in his other movies such as Star Wars, and Shattered Glass. The glaze, "I really dun want to do this" look with 45 angled eyes on screen.

Don't get me wrong. I thought Hayden Christensen was pretty good in the movie "Shattered glass", but only because it was a relatively gripping movie with an actual story to tell. In jumper, there was no begining, no proper ending, and really no bite! In fact, apart from retaining the 2 main characters name, the movie script strayed so ridiculously far from the novel that it might as well been from a different book!

The original book had a theme, about him fighting terrorist as a result of an incident. Not that the book is really interesting either, but at least there was a storyline to follow. The movie had none. And not to mention it was ridiculous how it seemed so easy for a single guy to have one of the poshest apartment at his tender young age with no questions asked. At least in the book, they made it realistic, no social security number, no driver license, no birthcert, u are in for a big long tough ride....

So there, if u must watch a movie this season, I much recommend u to head for Charlie Wilsons War. At least THAT is a proper movie with a dose of history to boot.

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