Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back from seoul

kinda tired after getting back from seoul because i hardly slept. the trip was really fun and on average, i dont get to bed till like 5am. sometimes its just late nights, some times its just chitchat... my skin is terrible due to late nites and all the zits are popping up left right center. disgusting...

back to seoul.
some of the cafe closed at midnite, while some places are 24hrs. so its pretty easy for time to passed by without one actually noticing it. i supposed it was better for me as i had a local friend to bring me around and check out the local haunts rather than tourist spots, for food at least.

truth be told, in terms of tourist spots like the palace, it is definitely not as spectacular as japan. then again to be fair, i didnt have chance to go on day trips outside seoul. however, the shopping and eating are pretty good for me. transport is also accessible to all places except i was a little taken back that korean people are not exactly a friendly bunch... compared to japanese, they are like heaven and earth. perhaps its my own fault to assume that korean nation will be a friendly, polite batch and hence have my expectation crushed... this statement esp applies to all the older korean folks. i really literally stayed out of their way [hair] because they sure looked grouchy to me perpetually, and always shoving people out of their way without saying anything...that's the bad thing about being mistaken as a korean i guess. i see that they dont do it to caucasians as much. sigh...

anycase, i went to Everland, and tried both the theme park as well as caribbean bay which is a water theme park. it was superbly fun. in fact, i didnt realised till belatedly that it was the same park that hyunjoong went in the show 'we got married', where he had to piggy back his wifey and also took the rollercoaster ride. speaking of the rollercoaster T-express... it was OMG. IT HAS THE STEEPEST DROP EVER. i have taken a lot of rides in my lifetime and normally i aint too excited, but this one, this one is marvelous. its almost like free fall down but it doesnt end there. the ride continues with 12 ripples of drops. it was hell of an amazing ride on the wooden structure. i will talk more when i post up the pixs.

i also went to the cafe where they filmed coffee prince. it was a nice spot though they had a rather grumpy male serving staff...sigh. it was some effort before i found the place actually because it was not in the map and the cafe had no name so to speak. i had to go to four seasons house, a place where they had all the drama set of winter sonata etc to ask for directions.

the weirdest thing i must admit in korea, is how little english is spoken and used in seoul, despite all the grand effort to promite its tourism. without my friend, it would have been impossible to know which bus stop to go to grab what number bus, or where to stop. nothing was in english....

initially it was a little challenging. then to my surprise, i realised that i actually got on better speaking in japanese rather than in english. odds are, someone on the street and in restaurants will understand japanese more than english. talk about bizarre....

ok...i am trying to sort out the pictures but i have to settle down after coming back first. so many things to do, trying to work out rental renewal etc...our landlord isnt exactly the most accomodating people and its getting annoying. still wondering if we should move to elsewhere but that would mean to be stuck with a new contract for another 14months and that is shitty if we decide to return to sg earlier. Then there is 2 trips to plan etc. i always hate the period around here coz things would jam up back to back.

its so bloody hot in hk compared to seoul, where korea is a nice 22-26 degrees. coming back to bloody hot 30 degree in hk is a nitemare. I cannot go anywhere without my hat and shades now because its too scorching and glaring. The good thing is at least here in HK, wearin hat is a norm and i wont be treated with funny looks as in singapore.

ok laterz. need to go collect my flight tickets from post office.
jya mata ne.

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