Friday, November 6, 2009

The day before move

Finally...tomorrow the move will be starting.

I cannot believe my own achievement, packing the whole damn house on my own for the 2 weeks. In between from then till now, my nails and cuticles split, finger sore from ripping all the tapes, and getting hand sandwiched by the damn ladder which fking hurts like hell, and finally, my wrist is seemingly sprained from all the folding boxes and taping it. Must have exert too much pressure. Have to use the other hand to brush teeth now. Sigh.

My husband of course having contributed nothing to the packing, was being exceptionally obliging and accomodating. I let him off the hook since he had to work and quite frankly, uselss to me. Of coz he would make excuses saying that he didnt know how I want to pack it....I roll my eyes and told him "it's not my way, its the common sense way." of coz he said I cannot imply he has no common sense.

To prove "my point", I passed him a sauce bottle and plastic bag, telling him to wrap the bag round the bottle. Instead, he just tied a knot. I laughed. He asked what was soo funny. I said "Wrap the bag ROUND the bottle." he said it is impossible. So i took the bottle and plastic bag to show him and explain the rationale. "If u just put it in, the bag can tear easily and the liquid will spill. So it u wrap it round, the thicker layer acts as a barrier and is harder to tear, and less chance of the liquid spilling" As he watched, he had to disgruntedly admit I was right... and pouted. I didnt know what was funnier, seeing his reluntance to admit "it was common sense" which i said he is lacking in packing, or just that I was right (again)...

Packing things into the box with optimal space usage is a "natural gift" for me. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle where u have to switch things around and think of the approperiate items in the house to put them together. My husband would only throw things in without much thought. Oh well, at least he was obedient enough to do some of my biddings these few weeks though he sure whine alot....

The good thing about packing things myself is that I got to throw out sooo much "junk". Things that had been following me from countries to countries which he never used nor wear was getting to me. So this time round, I made him throw out (donate) at least 5 big boxes of clothes, 1 box of junk old documents etc. It was soo gratifying I get to index and catalogue, box things together, everything neatly the way I had always wanted. My husband of course groaned and whinned "nnnoooo not indexing..." heeee heeeeee....

Oh well, time for a more nite and this ordeal will be over soon

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