Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still enjoying the new apartment

Went for another swim today after pilates. Glorious....Might as well enjoy the warm weather while it still last.

I am still rejoicing about having my dishwasher again. It's good not having to wash every single damn plate anymore. I love the man who thought of this invention.... There is definitely no love lost between me and my former rental unit.

Meanwhile, I guess not many people living here cook. The staff werent overly knowledgeable with the operational details and I had to ask for instruction manual. Once one gets so used to cooking your own meal, it's pretty odd to be eating out all the time. After 3 days of meals out, that is about all I can handle... My husband has gone to Japan for work and so I get to whip up something easy, though cooking with induction hot plate is really something rather new and awkward for starters. I'm sure I will get use to it but its just abit finiky trying to work out what 1-9 heat range is vs a raw gas stove's flame.

The lovely thing about staying right above the Elements mall, I get my endless supply of Starbucks hot choc. The rest of the boutiques are pretty much wasted on me since I am not someone who angle for high end fashion or ridicuously branded stuff. Apart from food and beverages, the 3 stores out of the hundreds which are actually of any use or value to me are the supermarket, pharmacy and HMV.

So far the service here is really prompt, polite and efficient. For a service aprt, it's definitely on the pricer end but I think the conveniences are of excellent value for people like me who are creature-of-comfort. The first down side is that I am constantly enclosed in an aircon environment so it's hard to know what is the weather outside and I do miss the occasional freedom to have some fresh air. Plus the other downside, I find it hard to tell if the clothes are cold to touch because they are just cold from the room, or they are still not fully dry...

Well, I have to buckle down and mug for my paper again..sigh. At least I have my starbucks to keep me company.

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