Monday, November 9, 2009

I love my new place.

Went for my first swim yesterday before dinner and did 20laps warm up.
Life couldnt be better. Had a walk round Elements as well to familarise myself with the new surroundings. Since Sat, I have been singing "I'm in Paradise, I'm living in Paradise" and my husband had such a good laugh.

We are both so happy!!!
Today I went back to pick up some remaining stuff and had a quick chat with the security guard. She told me that my (noisy) neighbor upstairs found out we are leaving. They cautiously asked if it was because they were too noisy and we couldnt take it anymore. The guard said they felt a little bad. Well buddy, no point feeling bad if you couldnt keep the noise level down. The guy also told the security guard that his wife is going to pop end of this month and it would be doubly noisy with the new born, so in a way they are relieved that we are moving...prob afriad of me knocking on their door again. haaaaaaa

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