Monday, November 9, 2009

The most (shameless) embarrasing ex-Ms Singapore world...

No Singaporean in our entire history that i can remember since I was born, has ever been as embarrassing as Ris Low, the EX-Ms Singapore World (who is officially disqualified for credit card fraud and now under probation).

When I first heard her interview over Internet, I cringed in horror with her utter BAD English. Shameless is a personal trait, absolutely NO CLASS is her being, but her shining puerile behaviour is so crass that it seriously makes me wince and recoil in shock. Who are the absolute idiotic judges who put her through in the first place? They should never have been chosen as judges nor ever AGAIN for having such bad taste and judgement.

Should we choose a winner for the sake of having one simply because it is a "competition"? Or should we have the sense to abandon ALL non qualifying contestants if none of them comes up to par, meeting the fundamental requirements/ criteria to represent Singapore in overseas competitions. If we are unable to find one of minimal standard, shouldnt we withdraw from the other competitions instead? Why should we insist on electing someone who is only the "best" of the lot but far from ideal from the population lot?

Meanwhile, it's perfectly okay to admit if one is not fluent in English..however to actually shrug her own inadequacies off proudly, and turning it around to accuse her fellow citizens of having equally bad, if not worse English is atrocious behavior on her part! Well bitch, I can perfectly stand in front of a mirror and profess I am not a disgrace to myself and the country for sure and I am pretty sure there are thousands more who can say the same, except for u of course.

To Ms Dishonest and non-remorseful Ris Low, apparently you live in a shallow world of your own. There are countless Singaporeans who speak better English than you. They might not have American or Brit accent, they might speak with our peculiar local accent but at least the words they use are universally recognisable and most have better pronunciation than you. There are more than handful of Singapore nursery school kids of 4yrs old who speak and conduct themselves BETTER THAN YOU.

Ris Low is really an epitome of national ah-lian trying to glamorize herself just because a table of 3-6 fools had given her the false sense of achievement.

While initially I can just ignore her bad English, but now from the interview it seems she is not at all regretting her actions. It's bad enough to LIE about her criminal case of credit card fraud when she entered the contest, it's even worse when she didnt think it's an issue when she got booted off. It is the WORST when she CONTINUES to conduct interviews nonchalantly and shed such bad light. Yeah please, carry on living in your own little warp world and not drag the rest of your fellow citizens into your fantasy where you are the best.

I truly hope no one else would think every Singaporean is as featherbrained, superficial, ignorant as this 19yr old self-professed trashy bimbo. She is such a disgrace and yet not recognising her own shortcomings and flaws. In 20 years time, I wonder if her pea size brain will work out anything...What is worse, our current society which often focus media highlight to people like her for the wrong reasons will probably not aid her cause, bringing woe to people like us..

Be gone! Shoo! Please Disappear Ms Fraud.
U have discredit yourself sufficiently.
Stop humiliating yourself further...

Extract (original article)

A conversation with Singapore’s most (in)famous ex-beauty queen

...But with her Miss Singapore World title gone, the Singlish-sprouting student spends her free time making smart appearances on talk shows and coining new words faster than you can shout 'BOOMZ!' . We caught up with the 19-year-old over lunch and found that she has engaged a manger to turn around her negative public image.

After all she's been through, this young woman just shrugs off criticism and ridicule. Make no mistake, Ris may have given up her crown after her brush with the law, but she has never been so ready for the big time.

Q: Ris, it's no exaggeration to say that you're now officially Singapore's most recognizable former ex-beauty-queen. Has fame been a dream or nightmare for you so far?
It's been a dream, a fabulous dream. It's like being in wonderland, people recognize you and you get freebies...

Q: I see. But surely it hasn't all been smooth-sailing? You have been getting your fair share of flak and criticism ...
(interrupts) No, I take everything with a pinch of salt. So it's just been a dream to me, even the bad parts.

Q: So you're thoroughly enjoying yourself?
Ah huh. There's no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity. (smiles)

Q: Some people say that you don't know what you're doing and have dragged our country's reputation down with you. What do you have to say to these people?
Can I tell them that they're bull-sh**ing? Please take a look at yourself in the mirror, as if you're not disgracing yourself. Is your English really that good? Can you really speak that well? Can you write that well? Do you think you can stand on the stage and portray yourself?
No, I don't think so. You're just somebody behind a computer, a nerd wearing specs, typing away. Just a coward.

Q: Has there been anything brought up in the media that you would like to clarify?
They said I bought my title, but obviously that's not true. If you spend money and effort going to grooming classes and catwalk classes, of course you'll win.
Nothing comes for free. You must put in the effort to make yourself well known, make yourself be seen. Saying I bought my title is so not true.

Q: So I see you've coined a new word, shingz, which you said translate to 'sucks'. Was that also from your childhood?
No, that's recently. It's like saying basket ... and when you can't say that, you just say shingz.

Q: So are you going to get into the habit of coining new words?
Ya, I can start a Ris Low dictionary anytime. (smiles) Because I'm always into new words, and I like coming up with new ways of expressing myself through different sounds. I base them on sounds la, don't really think there're words actually.

Q: What do you do when you want to go out and have a good time then?
Shopping, shopping, tons of shopping. (laughs) A woman can never get enough of shopping. You get real excitement and thrill out of shopping. It's like you're looking at the clothes and they're asking you to try them out. (in animated tone) That gorgeous dress, ooh look at that!

Q: City Plaza? Eh isn't that where all the aunties do their shopping?
No. (shakes head disapprovingly) ... the clothes are so trashy. And I like trashy clothes.

Q: So what's the trashiest outfit that you have?
Haha, I don't even dare to wear it out, I think my mom will kill me. It's all furry, mid-riff and comes with a short skirt.


Xtrocious said...

No wonder she thinks that the local standard of English is bad...

The original report wrote that she engaged a manger (??!!) to turn around her negative publicity...

WTF is a manger? Don't people use spellcheck these days or is that a new job that I don't know about (I confess I don't know half as much as I should and know more than half that I shouldn't)...

"Just Me" said...

Have typo simply means carelessness or less than professional attitude for a journalist, but it's completely another thing for a former Ms World sg not be equip with a firm grasp in grammar and enunciating common words correctly.

I would prob have been less critical if R.L had just concede her incompetencies and strive to work harder, than be so blatantly arrogant and condescending putting her fellow national citizens down.

Her comments whether it's off the cuff, or worse, to actually have been thru "filtering and thought process" on her part clearly shows what a bird brain she has, or lacking a better apt description, an utter moronic numbskull.