Monday, November 9, 2009

Close shave and "escaping" unharmed

Have you ever have those days where you know you are extremely blessed and everything just runs smoothly? Well I have and these 2 weeks have been heaven sent. I just felt like I was being "protected" (by my invisible guardian angel if u believe )

Apart from things going according to plan and without a hitch, I was extremely lucky to escape with close shave and miraculously that I avoided a skull injury.

Last night, my husband and I went apartment viewing. At the balcony, my husband and I were standing there looking out of the open window from seperate end. I was walking towards him and just as I paused and stop, I felt something brushed me and immediately heard something smashed and shattered.

It's funny how your senses doesnt work together all at once. Everything has a minute delay. Firstly, I heard the shattered glass, followed by a thought that it might have been a plate around me. Only then it registered that the shattered shards were at all around me and my feet. Then the pain hit me. The solid glass ceiling light cover had fallen and hit my right shoulder straight on, before rolling off my hands and breaking into many million pieces around me. All the 4 men around me - my husband, 2 agents, the house owner stared on the scene in shock. I went "Ouch" before everyone started to ask me if the glasses had cut me. They were flustered asking me to be careful etc. Fortunately that night, I had an instinct to wear my long jeans and socks which I havent done so for months. I had initially worn a skirt and the last min I went back to change into my jeans. I didnt know why, I just wanted to and now I am glad I did or I am pretty sure I would have been cut as my husband did since he was wearing a berm.

Still my shoulder hurts like hell. Felt like a bloody heavy brick smashing into me. Strange how pain is never felt immediately. I still had time to wonder where the noise was coming from and coming out with all the different possiblities before the pain registers.

What I need to emphasis was how lucky I am.
I would have needed to move forward and towards my right a little since there was something placed on the left. All it will take is one more step and the whole glass thing would have landed on my head but luckily I had paused. Was my husband saying something which was why I stopped? I couldnt rem. All I remembered was that I just stood still. Would it have been just a bump on the head? I wont know but I dont want to know the what if either.. I told my husband, I must have done something right to be "saved". This is the time to say thanks.

When we returned home, we went for swim. As we were taking the escalator down, something crossed my mind. I turned to my husband and said "I had a feeling I will see my ex colleague soon who is also living here." Just as I finished saying the last word, my excolleague called out to me from the upcoming escalator next to me, extending his hands for a shake. I was stunned. How often you have a thought translating into a vision before u. My husband thought it was funny while I was still reeling from events of today. It's like those super powers days. I told him, I had to get my mum to buy 4D. The day is in my favor.:)

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dreams come true said...

Wow, that was really a close shave. Luckily you weren't badly injured!