Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ah....my beloved Mui- Fan

When I was back in Singapore, it's not the Chai Kweh Diao (stir fried noodle) or the chilli crab that I missed. Those are such "common" money making items that you practically can get anywhere in HK now.

Apart from the Malay food like Mee rebus, Roti John, Mee Soto and the Indian fried Goreng, I miss my Seafood Mui-Fan the most. Dont ask me why but since I was a little girl all the way till uni, I love eating Mui Fan. A simple wholesome and filling dish. It's also a nostalgic food because it brings back memories of when I was still in school when I had to pack food back most days.

This time round back in Singapore, a friend brought me to one of the Bukit Timah food store opposite Beauty World shopping mall.

I was skeptical about the quality, predominantly I was biased against the store for employing a full fledged cohort of non English speaking mainlanders without a local staff in sight.

However when the food came, I was plesantly surprised. I am picky about the stalls I order my Mui fan from. It has to have the right flavour, texture - the sauce with the egg mixed in, and most of all, the ingredients. Many times back then, I often have to argue with the new stalls because I refuse to accept their version of seafood mui-fan with one miserable tiny prawn, a few squid and plenty of pork slices and fishcake slices. I mean in which country is PORK considered seafood apart in probably Singapore alone.

So this time round, when my plate of rice in gravy came, topped with fair portion of prawns and squid, I was really happy! No nasty pork slice nor cheating fish cake! The rice was also cooked perfectly with the right firmness. Someplaces tend to overcook the rice and so when blend together, it becomes mushy. The prawns also were done right without being overcook, and best, no freezer taste from over storage. yeah, I am one of those freaks who tend to be able to taste "freezer" food if they are stored for too long. This is esp true for chicken! There is just this strange after taste for freezer food.

Anycase, its an expensive muifan at sg$6 but I think for the quality, I wont complain too much though I certainly missed the coffee shop version that use to be sg$3. Is it inflation or just this store I aint sure. However, at least I had a good meal, with my comfort food.

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