Thursday, July 29, 2010

HSBC and its illogical card activation process

Am in an extremely foul mood, no thanks to stupid HSBC and its ridiculous process. WHY!? Why do I always have to deal with imbeciles and stupid processes that makes no sense?

My husband got me a sub card and so i called the phone system to activate the card. I cleared the questions sucessfully from card number, birthdate, HKID number. Then the system prompted for my mobile. For some reason, it was incorrect in their system and I was directed to the customer officer.

She asked me the same question essentially and then she asked me what account it was linked to. I told her I have no idea since I dont go around trashing through my husband's records, and since he made the application, I didnt even know he bothered to link the credit card with the bank account. I told her I dont even need the account access, I only needed the credit card. She told me that she cannot process and my husband has to call to activate the card.

I asked her what is the logic that the card holder cannot activate the card but more importantly, I asked her why is it even necessary to halt my activation when she already has ascertain the basic identity issue? As all typical bank employees, they have no brain and they repeated standard useless replies. I asked her a logical question, if i had gone thru the phone system, how would the phone system have been able to ask me what sort of bank account it was link to? So essentially, isnt she asking me excess redundant question to prevent me from using the card? She said the process of activation through customer service has differnt questions from that of the automated phone process. I told her it doesnt make sense. She said it was bank policy and I told her it sounded illogical because why should 2 process differ for the same card activation process? How does it enhance any security or whatsoever. It was such a lame and forced thought process, apparently someone who design the process doesnt have a half fuck idea of synchronising processes. I continued to press her if she even realise the phone system qustions are different, then as typical hk with bad english, she couldnt comprehend what I was saying. She was only capable of rattling off SOP replies off the book, she has no capacity or brain to process my questions which is not in her little guidebook. I asked to speak to someonone else who has a better command of english and her reply was this is not about power empowerment. Noticed how she is grasping for a life saver line in the dark? She doesnt even know what she is talking about or even if she does, she is not making herself udnerstood.

I HATE CUSTOMER service, almost all of them. I am sure companies designed them to piss customers off rather than helping.
To date from previosu experience, all banks customer service sucks big time except for citibank group. I hate HSBC, always did and then further reinforce. I couldnt even be bothered now. They can have the fucking card inactivated for as long as they want. I dont give a shit. I have my primary citibank credit card and its even better than HSBC services any time of the day.

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WhiteDuskRed said...

I stopped my HSBC card a few years ago. Hate it. Happy with my citibank card. But HSBC got more restaurant offers!