Friday, July 2, 2010

Terrible news of a death

One of the saddest news I heard this week was the death of the best friend of my good friends. Word has it that both him and his Japanese friend died in a deadly fire in Indonesia...what a waste of a perfectly bright young future....

My friend and her husband are devasted because they have been close friends with the victim for over a decade. The saddest thing I learnt was both the victims were found dead behind the emergency exit, because the the doors were apparently lock shut! It isnt the first time that night clubs flaunt the law and caused unnecessary death. What was supposed to be a happy occasion to watch world cup football ended in such meaningless death...simply because of a callous 21years old who did not think about the consequences of his spiteful actions. He must not be right in his head to have done something so unforgivable.

I cannot begin to imagine the grief the family and friends will have to endure with such painful truth behind the cause of their death.

The wake will be next week in HK.
Rest in peace Pete...

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