Friday, July 23, 2010

J-Drama: Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku

Just finished watching Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (夏の恋は虹色に輝), starring Arashi's Jun. Frankly, canx say I am impressed nor intrigued with the first episode. It's a little weak and boring, with little to captue my imagination.

The story revolves around Jun's character trying to be an actor but failing due to his stiffness before the camera. However, rather than self reflect, he seem to be pushing to blame on his famous actor father who died in ep 1. I suppose it will be the female lead who will help him to find his grounding and find his direction. She told him that his father's love is like the rainbow after the rain, shining on him always. So he should stop being so self absorbed and blamed his failure on his dad's fame.

I wasnt drawn to the female lead, and personally, Jun is still a little weak in acting dramas outside the comedy or manga genre. I will prob get hatemails from fan but I still have to put it out there, Jun still lacks the depth of a serious actor... I dun dislike him but I often find it hard to be drawn into his character. Even in Bambino where he was playing a role of an aspiring chef, while I like him there, it was more like I like his supporting cast more to hold my attention.

So I guess this may be one drama I may or may not tune in regularly, depending on my time. All I can say, I am not hopeful...

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