Thursday, July 15, 2010

A day at Peninsular Spa

Last friday was a good day. My partner decided to pamper ourselves with a half day spa retreat at Peninsular Hotel. What can i say apart from glorious!!

My day started at 2pm even though the treatment starts at 6.15pm. I went for a leisure swim in their indoor pool while waiting for my other half to appear. The package comes with a detox lunch (not that i really care much for though the scallops were really nice!)

When you are idling, time passes by so quickly when you are occupied. Apart from chilling out by the pool reading my book, there was the heat treatment rooms and juccuzzi to toy with.

The hot steam room was large and spacious and yup, i sur got plenty of aromotherapy from there too! There also had the rain shower and cold mist section which frankly borders on a little strange. You see, the whole thermal suite was already pretty warm. Yet the overhead tropical shower only dispense warm shower, and the only cold function is the cold mist which isnt even like drizzle..just mist condensing on your skin. I would have love a bucket full of cold water to rain down on me but its not to be.... even the side body jets are warm water...strange. However, I must say I love the scented "rain shower", definitely nice!

The next room to hop to was the relaxation room that overlooks the harbour. I was getting drowsy and so I could a quiet corner and started o doze off on the adjustable comfy bed. The lady who came in to stock up water notice me sleeping, and in the middle of my drifting off, I saw her closing the blinds so that the lights wont get to me. How sweet and attentive!

The massage session came and it was really good! I fell deep asleep into an utter bliss. Yeah, I heard myself half snoring. I said half because I couldnt get into full sleep. The reason is this, you see, they put a bowl of water mixed with the blend of essential aroma oil. I guess I am suppose to inhale the vapour for relaxation. While it definitely relaxed me, the bowl of water also gave me pressure! Because I was sooo consious of falling deep into my sleep and have my drool dripping into the bowl. When the room is that quiet and tranquil, I had that imagination that the therapist will be laughin at my intermittent dripping drool.... LOL

All in all a great session. We left the place about 8.45pm and satisfied and half asleep...It was certainly money well spent!


BarryO said...

Are you trying to fool us with that 10 year old photo of yourself? :-)

Your looking good, not that you ever looked bad. It must have been that holiday.

"Just Me" said...

Awwwww...Barry you flatterer!! *blush blush*

Hmmm.. that means i need to convince my partner to keep up with more hols and spa then! LOL