Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy catching up

Today is a happy day.

One of my close gf E and partner Leo came to HK and it was a great day to hang out. She even took the trouble to get me a house warming present! Jolly gosh! That was rather unexpected and a plesant surprise indeed!

I Havent seen her since Chinese New Year but we didnt have much chance to catch up much then due to other guests being present at her place. So its nice to have a chance for more personal chat.

Sometimes in life, there are a few reasons in life some people just click so well together. We are both silly and in one phone call, even just the first line of the conversation alone would have us both guffawing loudly with an aching belly. We have so much "shit" to say and share.

Since my gf was craving for roast goose duck as she hasnt one for 13years, we headed out to Lei Garden at IFC for BBQ meat galore. I dun like Yung Kee because I find it a tourist trap more than good food. The crowd was happy with the feast. During dinner, when the roast duck appeared, E and her husband started laughing.

We have a long standing joke about me and my roast duck since a decade back. And since there was a new face at the table, E and Leo couldnt pass up the chance of dissing me...and happily shared the story with leo's colleague about me "throwing a hissy fit and stabbing the poor duck repeatedly in violent vengence when they served duck rice without plum sauce" That without doubt broke any ice for the newface and set the tone for the night:) Well, at least they tried to clear my name, that I had a super lousy bad day at tennis that day before the duck incident...which of course led to Leo exposing my "throwing" the racquet in absolute fit...Sigh..they know too much of my dark dirty secrets.... :)

Then ahh...something new! It was funny because E shared how I had "changed" her sleeping habit. When we used to live together sharing the same bed, I used to stick a pillow on both sides or otherwise I couldnt sleep if I dun have a safe "backing". After that year, she too got into the habit of sleeping with 2 pillows by her side and now Leo had to constantly put up with all the extra 6 pillows on bed too! LOL. I didnt know I am such a great converter! Heh heh.

We talked about cemetery when Leo's colleague said he was shocked in his prev visit, that his hotel faces a cemetery. So the story goes that I shared about this weird uni guy fren of mine who drove us all the way to cemetery to study because he was fed up with the nosie in hostel. I was sharing that he had to send me back half hour later, not because I was scared but more like I had to pee. The guys asked if I was scared and frankly I wasnt though i was annoyed that the guy didnt give me a headup as to where we were going. As usual the guys were joking that the driver had ulterior motive but I told them the dude was seriously in studying.

Anycase, the story goes with me explaining why I couldn't pee in the woods. There are god damn too many mosquitoes for one, and secondly since I have to squat, heaven knows what sort of things could bite my tender-licious butt - like a snake etc. The guys started their imagination and came up with ghost theory and E started with "a ghost hand sticking out to grab you". I laughed and told them "yeah right, I would tell the hand to please make sure it doesnt miscue and go up the shit hole, or i will have to thank it for cleaning my arse since I wont have tissue!" Imagine, a ghost hand with a shitty finger! Gross. It prob wasnt wise to crack that joke since now Leo's colleague rem me as "the woman who stabs the duck violently" and the shitty finger. Oh well...all in jest and good fun:)

After dinner, we wanted to have some local dessert but I didnt realise that Honeymoon dessert at IFC has closed down! So we settled for the dessert at Lei Garden before heading up for drinks in the alfesco seating arena with the bars.When we were arranging to take photos, Leo's colleague was telling Leo to go take pixs with his two "Lao po" and E misheard him saying two "lao go" (old goose). She went "WHATT!!" (jokingly) and stun Leo's colleague. It prob doesnt translate well written but at that moment, everyone burst out laughing at the confusion.
My gf loved the seaview, and we were lucky to have a breezy night tonite to sit out. It wasnt very crowded today prob owning to it being a weekday nite. It was nice to have some old friends to hang out after so long!

It was a nice pleasant nite just chilling out, being nostalgic about old times, and creating new memorable memories for the future. Its amazing how much time have passed, how much we are still in sync like peas in a pod,  and we make a pact to celebrate the upcoming 2-decade anniversary of friendship! I think its rare and lucky no doubt to have a close gf, whose husband I am equally at ease and familiar with! At this moment, I feel truly blessed!

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