Thursday, July 29, 2010

An almost exasperating experience with the tax dept

So many vexing thing this week. Had sent IRD an application form for access code for e-Tax like 2 weeks ago on 16th July. However, after not hearing anything from them after a week, I decided to call and find out the delay. To my horror of horrors, they said they had sent the access code to my australia address.

I was dismayed and asked why was it sent to overseas address instead of the local address I had indicatd on the form's field? The customer service woman didnt know what I was talking about even in cantonese (since her job seem to be something else and she happen to pick up the call.) She was driving me nuts because my partner cannot submit his tax if I do not create an account with the access code. She kept telling me I should set up an e-Tax account. I was driven up the wall. I told her that is EXACTLY what I am trying to do, which is why I am requesting for a code! What the hell did she think I was trying to do? get a password for fun? Moron! Then she asked me to complete another form. For what fuck? I asked her what was the form for, she said it is to declare my tax. I was up to my head and my eye balls are rolling up and down. I told her I am not working for the tax period and have nothing to declare. She paused and then said , you must still fill up the form to declare your tax. I felt like I was talking to an imbecile, either that I was talking to a recorder. I got exasperated and repeated in my uncontrollable loud voice that I just need an access code! I know I was yelling but I couldnt help it after talking to a nonsense person for 15mins and getting no where. Sorry, I have no patience for a conversation that is senseless and not getting thru to thickskull person.

I was bounced off to another tax officer who sounded like I woke him up from sleep. WTF?! No seriously, he really sounded like he was sleeping, and even his slow reatction time to everything i say (twice) gave me the feeling he was napping. Again, I explained my situation and he hardly gave any reply. Then he said he will check and get back to me. 2 hours later, I received a call from a 3rd tax department person. Now he sounded brighter and more cheery, which gave me hope.

I think sometimes, just looking and listening to a person will give you a measure of the person's dont even need to conduct any IQ test. The brillance of the brain is sometimes reflected in their face. If a person looks and sound stupid, be sure half the time, they ususally are. if a person look bright and brillant, they probably are too. And if a person looks like a sleazeball, without doubt, he will be.

Anycase back to my posted application form. This 3rd person talked to me and said that I need to fill in some ird form to apply for an account. I nearly died. I told him I dont need to apply for an account since i already know my tax payer account number from my last tax file return form, and I only need the password. Why is it that difficult to be understood. Plus I said, I have already mailed in the access code application form, why do I have to fill in so many other form. This tax officer was quick and he asked "U have mailed in the access code form? or then you are right, you dont have to fill up the other form. But did you indicate your current address?"

If it wasnt for the fact that he sounded smarter than his peers, I would have snapped. Of course I have indicated my address. the field is on the form isnt it? What kind of idiotic applicant would be able to source out the correct request form, and NOT fill in the necessary information? Gheeesss... why are people around me soooo damn slow, or are they use to dealing with idiots so they have to downgrade their thot process?

Anycase, he was quick this one, so he said he will check but to date, he did not see my mailed in form. My dear lord, after a week plus, and they didnt get my form? The tax dept screwed up or the post office? He promised to check and call me back. I didnt want to waste more time, and asked if i could play safe and fax a copy to him for immediate processing whule he search for the mailed in form. He said ok.

The next morn, he even called me and update me that he really cannot find the mailed in form but he got my fax and its being processed now. Relieved...finally a competent soul. In the afternoon, a 4th person called me and another lady updated me again. She was pretty good too this one. So now i know, half of the staff are incompetent, but the saving grace is that the other half are good.

So now after 2 days, I am still waiting for my pin to come in. If I dont get it by tomorrow, something is really fishy. Oh well, I have done what I can, all i can do now is wait. peace out

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