Monday, July 19, 2010

Baked Salmon

Did another lot of fish over the weekend. Baked black Pepper Salmon.

Partner said I cooked it to perfection with the fish just turned pink inside and still tender! I was so proud of myself since I havent cooked a salmon for at least half a year! I was almost afriad I will ruin it but I didnt! Phew! Since it was fresh fruit season, I did a fresh fruit salad of mango-lychee mix with my fresh salad drizzled in Japanese seasame and Yuzu ponzu sauce. The sweetness of the fruit was to balance the citrus ponzu sauce. The salmon was also coated with a slight teriyaki sauce mix, and drizzled with some fresh mango sauce (otherwise lemon will do too)

The trick to cooking salmon is really catching the exact moment where it starts to cook. Once you missed it, it is a road of no return with a slap of harden fish. Normally, I would rub it with garlic salt and then pan fried on non stick pan, covered, for about 5-7mins pendin on the thickness. You should see the colour changing by the side. I would brush some oil on the skin and sprinkle some corn flour to give the skin a crispiness without overburning.

Once the colour has changed somewhere halfway thru the salmon, I would start to flip it over to all the sides, resting abit longer on the top - still covered with lid. Then, transfer the fish to baking pan. Stick in oven for about another 7mins at about 150degree . If you fish is thin, reduce time. I would normally check and if the middle is almost pink, its done since the fish will still continue to cook inside after you remove from oven. If its still red, i will prob stick it for another 2mins. Keep checking.

The fish shouldnt ideally cook for more than 15mins for the portion, if you buy it from jasons market (HK$60-65/ peice. canx rem the weight).

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