Monday, October 4, 2010

If I am a Medium, dont label me as a Small please...

Has been a while since I had such a blast at Zara. Previously even before they reached the shores of Asia, I couldnt find anything that fit my size while I was in Spain checking out the stores. Too big..too loose..too wide..watever. Even after they arrived in Asia, the first year was still impossible for me to find a good fit so I had basically gave up.

In one recent lonely sleepless nite, I ended up browsing thru their Lookbook and hey...something caught my eye. So I trooped down to Times Square today and got myself unhinged... Before the hour was up, I ended up with 3 pairs of shoes - a flat, a pair of PVC heels and finally a quarter boots, more winter top and would have gotten a pair of pants too if it wasnt that I was alittle concern that my disobedient belly with erratic growth rate might thwart my self imposed "min 3 year wear" clothes policy..

I have prob said this a thousand times, all these clothes manufacturer should really STOP fudging the numerical size. If its a M, make it a REAL M size. If its size 36, make it a real size 36!!!! I really hate these marketing tactic to create the false image that their client is still that skinny when in reality, the "M" tag is really a "L" tag. It's infuriating because it makes shopping such a hassle. U just have to try it out or risk buying an ill fitting top, pants watever.

A classic example is of these 2 pants I had gotten from Zara Massimo Dutti like 5-6 yrs ago. The label was clearly 36. I had never worn it and stuck it in some dark corner and almost forgotten abt it.

Today when I headed to Massimo Dutti, I am still a size 36 for the new season pants, and its a very nice fitting pant. Great I thought to myself as i rem the "old and unworn" pair of new pants at home. However in reality, the original size 36 pants at home no longer fit me at all at the waistline! It's a little more snug than I would like. So how can 2 pairs of pant of similar cut and fabric from the same brand be so drastically different in measurement labelled under the same size? It goes the same for other brands, where I am still a ridculous Small size when I have already upgraded to a M size over the years. (Now why doesnt the bust line upgrade too? Sigh...) My waistline is a far cry from my youth, and yet my size label hasnt change for some brands? Should I clap in glee in being "deceived"?

These fictitious labels is a real danger to portraying an unrealistic picture for consumer with increasing size. They paint a rosy picture that you are still you when your figure clearly no longer is the same.

Espirit might be the only few remaining brand that still tries to retain the size labelling as close to the actual size. At least it makes sense that that my sizeline has went up steadily for their clothes...while it may not a good reflection of my pork belly but at least its a better motivator for me to shed my fats. :)

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