Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wrapping up Singapore trip

Been to Singapore and back.

Somewhere along the way, I had somehow chipped my lower tooth even even realising it! It was until I got back and was flossing that I noticed the chip! Crap! Because its always "hidden" behind my buck teeth, so its not obvious...still its a sign of worry. The last I checked, the dentist said they were in good condition. I didnt bite on any hard I couldnt understand how it happened!

Anyway, My bro drove me to Sim Lim and got myself a cisco router to finally fix up my wireless at home. Finally my iphone is no longer rendered useless at home! haaa haaa

Went to amazon and bought a Kindle DX for my partner since he had been eyeing on it for some time now. The advantage is that we no longer had to wait for paper back to be brought into HK and it will be cheaper than books to buy the titles!

It was a good week spent in Singapore. Met up with some college friends on Thurs nite at one of the girl's place. Didnt realise how close she lived near me. And my god, the guys really stuff me silly with all the local food! They went out to buy loads and loads of food from satay, fried O-Jian, fried rice, fried squid, grilled chicken wingg, BBQ sting ray etc....Just when I manage to polish most of it off, the guys from 2nd round joining us brought even more food! I nearly died from thinking of food alone!!!! The only thing they forgot was my sugar cane juice....sigh...but i had warm coke to stand in...In between food, we were completely wrapped up with the Xbox F1 game they had installed at home, complete with the seat and car-like gear accessories! Needless to say, its a good thing I wasnt a competitive driver....

We hung around close to 12am. Some had to head back to work, some went to bed, and another ended up chatting with me till 5.30am in the morn. Typical of Singapore, it would be impossible to be hanging out at void decks without being attacked by mosquitoes....

These are friends for 18yrs now and as we sat there reminiscing about the past, we laughed about the petty fights, the stupid jokes, and all the nitty gritties we did back in those days. The present isnt pretty for some, work, personal whatever. Some had to go through ugly divorces, painful child custody, some had to rough it out at their jobs but some had it good too. Life is truly unpredictable.

In between the busy schedule, manage to sneak some time out to meet E and her hubby. They took a cab down to the cafe near my place and we hung out for hours and we all got bitten really badly in the alfresco spot. In total, I had 8 nasty bites in 3 hours and they swell up like crazy and even their cig smoke couldnt drive the attacking bastards away. My gf and I commented that its strange how we never ran out of things to say no matter how frequent we meet or how many hours we spend talking and talking...I guess when u have been friends that long, you have alot of materials to work on from past to present....

My gf asked me if we might be the only people where she calls her best friend as her hubby's other honey?  I started to laugh everytime we think about this... and I told her its only possble because we completely trust each other, plus beings friends first before they got hitched defintely helped. Its amazing that the 3 of us simply doesnt have any secrets between the 3 of us, and i meant from personal to family matters. Its not always you get to have someone who listens supportively and doesnt use what you shared as gossip material with others.

As one gets older, one cannot help but be quite thankful really, how we have gone through several rough patch to reach where we are, but all the misunderstandings seem to secure our friendship further. It doesnt happen with every friend I have, some drift apart, some are too consumed with their own lifes to care about others, but I'm glad at least there are still some I know I can solidly count on at any time, and not at their convenience or whether it was a good day.

My bro loaned me his iPad and my god, I was so addicted to the Zombie and Plants game that I stayed up most nites till morning just to break all the levels! The problem with me, is that I cannot let go once I had my sight and heart set on the fact that I was so determined to complete all levels, I rather forgo sleep to acheive that. It's crazy i know being that it's just a game but still...I just wanted to know what challenges each new level offered.

The other thing I busied myself with was playing with my other brother's doggie -Gabby but I call him my baby! It's such a cute little thing and he recognise a sweet kind angel when he sees one. He is such a munja litle fellow, sticking close to me and "ignoring" my brother a some point until he raised his voice. He is a good boy really, only yelping for my attention when he sees I am awake. Mum said he would patiently sit and wait outside my bedroom door once he was released...waiting for me to play with him, spawl on the ground for me to massage him and feed him treats every time he completes several commands. My bro jokingly said Gabby is such a traitor! He doesnt bark at strangers and all he wants is food and play:) Heee heeee. He is one lucky fellow because my mum will give him a rub down with a wet clothes every morn and wipe his arse when he poo.... Gabby is prob luckier than some kids born to human parents....

Waiting patienly outside the kitchen as he watches my mum cook...he loves the smell of food even though he doesnt get any of our food! Still he waits.....

 yup, little fellow loves cuddling himself up up on my legs, waiting for me to stroke him back and cuddle him.

Gabby lurves sniffing my legs..its almost like he is trying to etch my scent into memory..pls dun forget me!
Time for bed but he still wants to play! Lucky fellow even have his dedicated fan to blow at him thru the nite!

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WhiteDuskRed said...

That's such a cute little pup! What kind of breed is he? A mixed? Ahhh.... I'm missing my pups already!