Monday, October 4, 2010

Snapshots of Various part of Denmark 2

We booked ourselves in for dinner at Herman that nite and since it was connected to Tivoli, we didnt have to buy a separate entry ticket to poke around the lovely park. So we snuck out before our dinner to get a shot while there was still light. I looked sleepy coz I had just woken up from my snooze:)

 Caught the boys doing their band round just in the nick of time! Didnt have time to aim and shoot, I just turned on the camera and shoot! Fortunately it turned out pretty alrite:)

 Dinner at Herman is an artistic experience where all the senses are tickled! The food are in small portion but beautifully decorated and you do get full after 4-5 course.

Had this chamomile infused dry ice flower pot that came with my languster - all my sensories were fired up!
 Went to check out Tivoli at night. It was quite quaint to see a little Arabian like building as the central theme:)

 By this point, I told my partner he really sucked at using my digital camera....

 So much lollies!!!
I dun like to eat them but I love seeing the colours mashed up together..

 Denmark is so marked with beautifully coloured houses...this is one of my fav burnt yellow!

All these dead people are housed in such beautiful coffin, crypts and churches....

 All these castles, churches in Denmark always fall victims to fires....its almost funny if it was so tragic.
(A picture of a past fire incident)

 Down we went into the tunnels without any light source. My partner thought it was a little creepy while I was happily relishing in the cool damp dark underground, grinning from ear to ear as I explore all the pitch dark area with occasional dim shadowy light. My partner shook his head and mumbled "My wife is sooo weird who is so obsessed with all things dark and creepy" One old lady was rather frightened and she kept following us as I keep waving my husband to catch up... by the way, these places are where the guards and soldiers used to sleep in and this is their underground quarters where they lived in. sad huh...esp winter time. dreadfully cold i bet.

At Kronsborg slot, aka the Hamlet castle. It's unlikely Shakespeare was ever here but a good story to draw the crowd no less.

The wind was incredibly strong and yes it was cold with the wind whipping at me and I was trying not to be carried away... :)

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