Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snapshots of Bergen - Norway 4

Setting off on bergen train to bergen - Off to the Fjords!
 Scenic view along the 7hrs train ride

 The thick cold mist sets in....

 Glacier top
 Cascading waterfalls along the way

 Glacier view after stepping off train for a quick shot!

 Arriving at Bergen, a city of 265 days of rain.

 The view from across the harbour. We were so lucky to arrive on a bright sunny day even for off peak season.

The Unesco site

The wooden built houses are not built straight...everything was slated!

 Freshcream + Strawberry jam on a hot freshly made pancake.... heavenly! I wont have noticed this stall if it wasnt for a 5yr old boy tryin to balance the pancake with dripping sauce standing before me...I must look like I was salivating coz the father smiled at me and nodded saying "yes, its really good. u should get it."

The ugly fishes....seriously big and ugly.

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