Monday, October 4, 2010

Snapshots of Denmark and Oslo 3

i just needed to lay down for a rest..that's what anchors are for:)

 Departting view of Kronsborg castle for another time. It threaten to rain but it didnt. Relief.

Seeing Sweden across the waters

 Another underground walk and guess who I found:)

Had a nice stroll by the waters. Wind was strong but view was nice.

After Kronsborg Slot, I was pretty ambitious and added Louisiana Art Museum to the agenda... I love their outdoor sculpture park! The artwork were adorable! this little ET looking buddy by Joan Miro

"Come give me a hug"
someone left their thumb behind...heh heh...

Had dinner at Formel B, supposedly a Michelin star dining, which is "Pretty" awful and inedible in most ways for a very expensive course. All looks with no substance is an apt way to describe the meal.

National museum. in admission.

I couldnt i told my partner to help me take a shot of being eaten alive! haaa

The Nyhaven harbour with all the pretty camera batt practically was coughing up its last burst of energy before declaring itself dead after this shot.

Arriving in Oslo - Norway...errrr....its ok. Not as pretty as Copenhagen...
 Dinner at Lofoten....Yummy!

Our waiter showing us the local lobster....

our first go at Monk fish. surprisingly sweet and springy texture!

Nite view from radisson Blu hotel..a super weird hotel with such heavy room doors that it bangs everytime someone enter or leave their room....not a good place for tired bodies...

Happily waiting for my choc brulee....Hmmmyummy!

this is still in copengahen...too lazy to move it up...its the stock exchange with the 3 dragon spiral..signifying Denmark sweden norway

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