Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Norway in a Nutshell: Hardanger Fjiord 6

The majestic view of Sognefjord during the hour boat ride

 I lost count of the waterfalls.

while waitin for the Flam train, we visited the museum and while looking at the miniatures, suddenly something strange caught my eye. I bend down to have a closer look, and hola! A man in the tree?!! I was so amused that I had to take a shot. Then it got me excited, Could there be more? So I started to scout ard and I wasnt disappointed. The person doing this landscape miniature must be superbly bored or trying o be funny. He succeeded at the latter! haaaa

Did u spot the guy peeing? haaaaa haa i really had a good laugh.! The rest of the tourist just gave it a glance and left, thinking i must be mad to be laughing to myself

this was really cheeky! haaaa
 An overall view

Waiting to Board the Flam train to Mydral the highest point

An oncoming Falm train

a trickling waterfall which will be gushing at full throttle and vol during peak season

i thought the grass growing on the roof was so cute!

Off to Hardanger Fjord. We were soooo lucky. When we woke up, it was pissing down rain. I was filled with dread since I hate to bring a brolly. but miraculously just before i stepped out, the rain stopped. We made our way to the bus terminal, a 15mins walk away. Just as we board the bus, it pissed down rain again! During the hour bus ride, it was raining alot and I was alittle put down... bad weather to sight see. However just as we stop to change to express boat, the rain STop again!!! I quickly snap snap snap of the surrounding in the  5 mins, and just as i was done, the rain started again! Talk abt erratic!!! And lucky!!!

 the rain clouds set in 30sec after i took the shots above.
I was sharing the lovely view of the beautiful fjords and clouds and rainbow with another traveler Louise from Yorkshire, UK. We were als o the only 2 idiots hanging out at the top deck braving the cold and misty rain continue to shower us...still we were happy to be there and have each other for company.

Because of the rain, when the sun broke thru the clouds, i was literally surrounded by rainbows. TONNES of RAINBOWS! I have nerv ever seen so many rainbows left right center and a full long arch in my whole entire life before. So u can imagine my excitment! My camera couldnt have the wide angle to capture it all...it was a truly magnificent sight to behold! You cannot image what rainbow does to one;s mood. the sort of uplifting your spirits magic!

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