Monday, October 4, 2010

Snapshots of me in various part of Denmark

Our first day. I thought about stepping inside the red stand but being a paranoid person, I had this crazy idea that the stand will break and collapse on me! So I opted to stand infront instead:)

After much misdirection due to the local's constant inability to tell right from left and mixing them up, we finally arrived at Fredriksborg after wasting 30mins of walking to no-where. A really beautiful castle worthy of the time spent.

The sort of rare picture perfect without a single tourist crowd at the background. It was about 12.30pm+ when we arrived. One funny story took place within the bag deposit area. For reasons untold, some clever person thought it would be great to dig or leave a big gapping wide hole in the ground and covered it with the tempered glass covering for people to walk over. As the unsuspecting me with a fear of height was about to step into the bag deposit room, I spotted the hole in a glance and without much ado, my first immediate reaction was literally to JUMP backwards - still reeling from shock. My partner stared on quizzically my violent  reaction and the Danish woman guarding the room was trying so hard to muffle her laughs. I look ard sheepishly and walked into the room but my feet just naturally toe along the solid edge rim, refusing to step onto the glass panel. Again, my baseless fear that the glass will break and I will fall through. When I return to collect my bag 3 hours later, my body jerked again in shock when i spotted the "hole" again. The woman laughed out loud this time. I chatted and asked her if she had seen alot of reactions like me. She tried not to make it sound like its a big deal but she said "No not really, you are the first with such a big reaction and its funny/" Great... at least I provide some entertainment to her bored day:)

 My partner and I were discussing/ betting about the "optical illusion of this garden path construction. It's suppose to make it longer than it really is by sloping the slopes on both side. No prizes for guessing who guessed the length of the actual path.

I thought about plucking it and have a taste but thought better of it.
Who knows what has been shitting on it... :P

 A really cool lion mural... I had to pat its back:)
Now dont count on me doing that for a real thing

only in Copenhagen where Hot Dog is a national food, will u find the "No food allowed signage" to be using a hotdog. It took me a bit longer to figure out the last one was an icecream. I thought it was a spatula at first!

How do u like my newly acquainted pet lion:)

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