Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beauty Review: Fancl- Skin Renewal, Sebum care and lip treatment review

Had plenty of time while I was sick last week, and so I figured a little pampering wont do me much harm. So I ended up with a box of Fancl products that include a Skin Renewal Pack and a box of Sebum care (8 individual sachets).

Primarily, I had wanted to try out the Sebum care packs which promises to rid blackheads without the squeezing and polishing which was said to damage the skin texture. The fact that the items are free from presevatives and harsh chemicals were also a draw as my combination skin was increasingly getting sensitive.

The instructions I had received from the beauty advisor was specific. I had to smear a thick layer on my face for both products. It's a relatively new concept since we are used to the idea of just adequate coverage on the face. Plus, this thing isnt cheap so the item of slathering a layer of at least 2mm thick is kinda daunting.

1. Skin Renewal Pack Review.

The product is to be used before the sebum pack. The rationale isnt very clear to me.
The item made with royal jelly is mild enough to be used for the eye area but I didnt see a need to. After spreading it for 5mins, we are supposed to massage it in to stimulate further absorption into the skin before washing it off. Verdict, the skin was definitely softer and smoother instantly. It felt hydrated.

2. Sebum Care Pack
For first time user, it is highly recommended to use the product daily for 7 days. I decided to see it through since I wanted to see if it is as effective as claimed. I noticed black heads on my nose and I had refrained by using other products on it while testing this product.

The idea is to layer a THICK layer on the T-zone area, and other spotted areas suffering from outbreak. I dunno how other users claimed that there is enough cream per sachet for 2 people because for me, it was just right for the T-zone and chin and jawline area only. Not enough to cover the cheek. I suppose that is because I followed the instructions of NOT spreading a thin layer. The idea of how this works is that it is NOT suppose to dry up before you wash it. I dont get the full blown mechanics and logic but apparently the blackheads are soften by the cream and removed while the cream is still soft. A dried up cream will not dissolve the blackhead because it will only continue to block the pores.

That is the main reason why it only requires 3mins. To prevent the cream from drying up on your face and wash it off. The sponge that comes with the pack is pretty useful. It is gentle enough on the face and get the wiping done in 3 strokes.

The result is not immediately evident in the first couple of days. However by the 4th day, I am positive that the blackheads on my nose were reduced. In the first couple of days, I was kind of surprised that my nose was oiler and shinier than usual when I wake and didnt know if that was normal. However to my relief, the excessive oil symptom went away after the 4th day.

By the end of 7th day, I am happy to say that the sebum care pack works as claimed. The blackheads are really gone and it was pretty visible that my partner noted the significant difference. (he wanted to try it too now)

The recommended every 3 days after the initial work of recondition the skin. I am assuming it will work but it is rather expensive to keep using it every 3 days. I think the very important thing to remember is teh correct way to use this product or it wont as well as you hope.

I prob will stretch the interval over a longer period depending on my facial condition. Still, I am glad to say that this works. In addition, I had some new spots during the week and I smear the sebum care cream over the spot and they went down in 2 days without flaring and I completely forgotten about the new zits because they went down on its own. Didnt even need a zit cream. Heh.

3. Lip Treatment
The last thing I tried was the lip treatment that was suppose to nourish and moisturise cracked lips. I always have a dislike for balm because I find them to not work the way I want to after awhile or they have some weird taste. I did have a preference for Burt's Bee lip balm but it's not effective enough when I get really bad cracked lips.

This fancl product works great. My lips are positively soften and I dont have this weird taste or lingering layer that I hate with some other product. Overall, a 8/10 score for the product. I took some marks away for the small expensive tube. Otherwise this item is a keeper. I dont go to bed without layering it on my lips now. Esp useful if you sleep in aircon nightly like I do.

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