Monday, March 5, 2012

The experience of buying a Dehumidifier over the phone and cheaper than Fortress

The weather in HK has been nicely cool but super humid. The air is basically saturated with moisture up to 100% on some days that it basically made everything at home feels damp, especially of all your clothes not drying properly.

Even though I havent needed a dehumidifier for the past 4-5 years living in HK, I figured this year I actually do need one given the extended "wetness" in the air and increasing massive load of laundry that we go through each day. (I still dont get how both of us can amass so much washing each day.)

I went to scout the dehumidifier at Fortress on Saturday. I basically just went to look at the assortment since it was impossible to buy anything with the store being jam packed with other customers shopping for dehumidifiers too. I snapped down the model numbers for the ones I think I would be interested given its larger water tank capacity, ranging from Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Delongi, Rowenta and Hitachi. I wanted to do some internet research before making a choice. I am one of those people who do not like to listen to sales person in general. They all have a personal agenda either to move the goods or they represent certain brands. So I prefer my good old internet tales to help make my choice.

As my check reveals, HK ESDM actually made a few testings against the manufacturer's claims vs the actual performance. Mitsubishi seemed to fare well though it did have one model being pulled out as the actual performance differs too far off from the stated specs. Hitachi fared well though with a 11% differentiation and Mitsubishi seemed to garnered the most favorable results with average 5% differentiation. I didnt bother to check Delongi and Rowenta as some forum feedbacks from the locals indicated their issue with the noise. One indicated that Rowenta works well first 2 years and then the noise escalates progressively. Seems to be a design flaw with the axle that loosen over time.

This is the time when ability to read traditional fonts truly pay off, esp understanding written cantonese. I thank my mum for letting me read all the Taiwanese edition Doreamon comics all I wanted all those years...thus giving me this added skillset. Hahaha!

So I hope down to Fortress@ Times Square today and to my horror, even the display set for Mitsubishi was gone! A check with teh staff revealed that ALL the Mitsubishi inventory were gone and the earliest delivery will be end March. WTF! She tried to get me to consider other brands which I am not. I hate sales people who tries to convince customers to buy other brands when it is apparent I had my mind made up.

Disappointed, I went home wondering. However, those who knows me will know that I generally hate taking a "No" for an answer unless I had tried all avenues. I am the stubborn sort I suppose...So I decided to try one of those website that I had gotten from ploughing all those HK forumn chat sites after  googling the model number.

I tried Electric Tung first but no one answered, so I tried the original Hk Electric Association website number which I had wanted to try (but coz the URL was on the other PC I was lazy to leave my seat at first to recall the site)

The guy picked up my call and sounded really hurried and busy. I asked him if he still have stock for Mitsubishi Dehumidifier and gave him the model. He said yes and delivery was for tomorrow. Cool!!! So I gave him my address and halfway he paused and said he is going to logged my order first before its gone. So I was waiting while I listened on to him logging the order over another phone. Then in 2 mins, he got back to me and continued where we left off. He told me I was so lucky to get the last one because another Hk lady didnt believe him when he said it will be gone if she waited. So she didnt hold the order and he gave it to me instead. He told me just as I placed my order, the woman called back changing her mind, but sorry lady, you have to wait for new orders now.

I have to thank Fortress for running out of stock because, not only am I getting my new dehumidifier tomorrow, it will be HK$1000 cheaper too since this is a wholesale place where I placed my order!

The next time I am going to buy something, I think I will stick to this website from now on before heading to Fortress. I wish I knew them before I bought my washer....

If u are non local and staying in HK, thinking of buying some household stuff, you can check this site out with English page - HK Electric Association (

Alternatively if you read chinese, you can also check out electric Tung website but this site do not have English information.

(Update: July 2014: Electric Tung website has Englush website now, BUT i found that their price has also increased for some items!)

To take a look at my brand new dehumidifier


Anonymous said...

Great story!

May I please ask which Mitsubishi model you decided on in the end?

How's it working out for you?

Hope all is good!

Nomad said...

MJ-E152AF-H model with silver ion filter and 25l capacity.I love this baby and it is working out great! ESP useful in drying all my hanging laundry and I like the fact that it has a separate swing that blows towards the floor. The picture is here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. The dehumidifier looks good!

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi does not import any dehumidifiers into Singapore! I live here and have been looking. Must be to protect local firms like Europace and Novita (mediocre quality, v loud and equally expensive compared to Mitsubishi). I think I might contact the distributor in HK like you did and try and import one.

I hear Mitsubishi dehumidifiers are second to none.

How loud is your unit sir?

Anonymous said...

Just reading more of your blog... it's pretty amazing especially the food section!

Looks like I can get some tips on where to go in SG.

If you are in HK and I am sure you have but if not, you must try the Cafe de Coral baked pork chop rice...

Nomad said...

U r welcome. Personally, I think ALL the buyers in Singapore are terrible comparatively to Hk. They are always afraid to bring in new brands and products and its I can imagine u will be having a tough time to try to get a good dehumidifier in Sg...

Noise decimel wise, I will say it is very quiet to the point that I dont notice it at all. It is not absolutely dead silence but a very mild humming sound but unless u are actually looking out for the sound, you wont consciously hear it. Let's put it this way, you dont hear this dehumifier not unless u are standing next right to it..

I heard Hitachi is pretty good too from my HK frens but I cannot vouch for it as I have not seen one in operation as yet.

Nomad said...

Haha.. thanks for the food tip! Terribly ashamed to say, despite living here in Hk for 6 years now, I have yet to try anything from Cafe de Coral, least of all baked pork chop rice.. primarily because I make my own meals..but i shall give it a try next time i pass it:) If u have more food sharings, feel free to post and let me know:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. We're considering buying dehumidifier & this tips is useful. Cheers, V

Bee said...

Awesome information! Thanks for this, will be so useful as I will be looking to buy one soon.
May I ask how much this cost at Fortress? And how much it actually cost you hand you ordered over the phone from the warehouse?
Do you think it's possible to negotitiate at Fortress or pricerite or elsewhere?


Nomad said...

Hi Bee, I will need to dig for my old receipt within next few days to get back on u how much I paid via HK electric. Has to be paid by cash so I think it's abt $hk2000++. Fortress was selling at $Hk1000 more than wat I paid basically.

Nomad said...

Hi bee, I don't think u can negotiate price at fortress but with some credit card, u can ask if they have promo discount. The difference with fortress is I think u can pay extra amount to get extended warranty for some stuff but I don't bother. As for price rite... Sorry, never tried buying electric stuff from them

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do u able to import from HK and how to? Recently im lookinh at novita series but i wonder if we have better choice in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

HI, I came across your blog during search about dehumidifier in HK.
I manage to contact electric tung (using google translate) and get prompt service with price less than Fortress thousand hkd.

Thank you for your post.


Nomad said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and comment. I'm glad my post had also helped you save some $cost in your purchase!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, just to thank you for your comments and feedback , I have done the same based on the information you provided and indeed i had mine within 2 days and of course cheaper. Thanks for the helpful tip !

Nomad said...

U r most welcome!

Anonymous said...

I tried to shop in electric tung also, just want to say, Be careful, they are not honest.

Anonymous said...

HK Electric tung is not a good shop, when someone cheat you but you don't know, that is find. But if you know, you will not feeling good.

Rosalba said...

Thank you for so many ideas about Dehumidifiers. The humidity is not good for our health. This is why we must do something in our houses. I saw interesting information in this article.