Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Review: Nadaman@ Shangri La (Hong Kong)

This will be a short post since I dine here so often that I dont know what to write anymore, except, it's still excellent!

Came Sat nite, we headed to Nadaman for their Teppanyaki.
Personally, I prefer the Teppanyaki over the Japanese set meal here. It's not that one is better than the other, it's just personal preference.

We didnt manage to get the Teppanyaki seats, so we were seated in the main dining area. The Japanese server was very prompt, efficient, and told us they would try to serve as as soon as they can but as it was busy, it might take longer. We were mentally ready for the drawn out wait, but surprisingly, it wasnt that bad.

We took the Tszumi Teppanyaki set (as always) and as usual, the food didnt disappoint. I love my steak cubes done to perfection! However, I am not that taken by the fried rice which I normally do not finish.

The foie gras was rich in sauce but I didnt fancy the bread bed it was sitting on...thought it was abit soggy and overly rich in sauce.

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