Thursday, March 15, 2012

A little shocking news

Was a little shocked a while ago. My ex just told me his mum passed away last week.

Even though I had never liked her in the years we were together and she was a real mean bitch to me, yet, I didnt expect myself to be surprised at the news of her death, but I was. Maybe coz my mum and in laws are still relatively healthy and I still havent reach the stage of thinking of anyone's parents passing.

I think back about those long years I knew her, or rather barely knew her, I couldnt think of anything nice about her. She was always snotty, grumpy and always silent. The only times she said anything was to her husband. I told him I was sorry to hear about her passing but I cannot truly say I felt any loss, unlike the passing of his grandmother several years ago coz the lady was nice to me.

His mum wasnt that old really but apparently she had acute liver failure and he told me she had to struggle 8 days before her passing.

Such is never know when God decides to take you back to his side.

We chatted abit more, about his plans to sell his China business and about moving back to SG. He was abit down that he didnt get to do it in time to spend more time with his mum. Never knew he was that close to his mum, but that was decades ago. I dont even know the him now. He's different. Hard to put a finger to what is different, just not the sort of person I thought he will become. Maybe that's why destiny had us go separate ways for a reason.

Anyway, with his mum gone, makes me want to go back home and spend more time with my mum. Life is so short. By the time someone leaves u for good, it will be too late to regret not spending enough time with them. We can lament about not having enough time, or who irritates who, but really, you will wish u still get to argue with them than not having a chance to.

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