Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just when I thought the conversation about his mum's death was over, 2 days later my ex decided to text me to continue (note, not continue off) the watsapp thread we had. Now, let me see how did the last conversation ended? Well, it went like

Ex: I think I will move back once I sell my biz here in China.Been telling my mum everyyear I will be moving back but now she's gone. It's too late.
Me: At least you can still keep your dad company. Not too late for that. You should be looking fwd to moving back then.
Ex: Yeah.

So with that, I didnt think there was much more to say and I left it at that and went back to mugging my Jap.

Then today he decided to start the conversation again out of nowhere

Ex: I guess I have been away too long. Dont miss much.

Took me a while to recall where that line come back and had to scoll back. Honestly, didnt really want to continue the chat. Have better things to do like studying for my Jap test. Still, felt a little obliged to reply so I kinda did a quick reply.

Me: Well, I dont miss the place SG persay since I like living in HK alot. However, it's the people that you will miss, the little things you will regret like missing out on spending time with your frens & family, personally I regret not seeing my nephews growing up. I have basically missed their entire childhood and that's something I think I will sorely miss since I will never have another chance with that. So, yeah, maybe its good for you to create more memories with your family back in SG before you completely miss the chance of making up for lost time.

Ex: Yeah true. I am just glad I made it back in time for my mum before she died. Maybe I should have moved back earlier.

Me: Yeah that's good. Well, at least u are there. For me, I hope to spend more time with my mum. Then again, it will always be a balancing act for me since my husband will also like to spend more time with his parents when they get older. So I guess we just have to shuttle between SG and Australia more in the future. But I guess it's easier since I dont have kids to worry about.

Ex: Oo Australia is far. Tough.

Me: Yeah.

Ex: Did I tell u my grandma died? 

Me: Yeah

Ex: I am waiting for my daughter to drop. Like literally. waiting for her to be born now.

Me: in SG?

Ex: Guangzhou. Private hospital

Me: Oh! 

Ex: Last time only took 30mins for my son, this time more difficult birth.

This is the time when I think to myself, I really dont need the details. I really dont have to know if your wife, the bf stealer, is having a tough labor or not.

Really dont want to continue this thread. Honestly, I dont even know why he is sharing this moment with me. Go call your sister or father or something. Damn...why do I always somehow walk into a situation where I rather not be at.However, courtesy got the better of me and so after 5mins of silence, I decided to reply

Me: Your daughter is just doing the princessly arrival. They will be fine.

Ex: Did I tell you my sister 2 boys? 

Great...more details...let's get it done and over with.

Me: Nope didnt know Sharon had kids. Great. Your parents must be happy.

Ex: Show you the pixs.

Next thing I know, my hp got flooded with tons of his family pictures, his parents, Sharon's kids etc.
Awww man!!! At least he has the decency to not send me any of his wife.

Ex: Just few weeks ago, I was watching my mum die. Now I am waiting for a new born life to begin.

No answer to that one.
Anycase, I just quickly glanced thru the pictures and what stunned me the most was how much his parents had aged over the 12 years since I last saw them. Ghee-es! His dad had practically shriveled into this small fragile old man. Shock was an understatement. Suddenly, looking at his parents shots, I really missed my mum. A little worried too?

It's not that I dont know she is getting old. However, knowing is different from feeling. The brain is somehow disconnected with the heart sometimes. Looking at someone's else parents looking old is scary. It's like a reality jolt like "How much more time I will get to spend with my mum before her health deteriorate? What other things I think she want to do?" Arrrggghhhh...

When I was wondering about it, my ex told me the baby had arrived. He was still sending me pixs until I told him he should go keep his wife and new born company. He didnt get the hint. Finally, he sent me his baby girl's photo.

Didnt know what to say. Canx say she is cute. New newborn are never cute. They just look like any other baby. So just said congrats, now he has somehow to celebrate birthday together with in March being few days apart and told him to GO.

Think he finally got the idea.

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