Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My new addition : Brand new Mitsubishi Dehumidifer

Am so happy that my new family addition is here! My brand new, made in Japan(or prob assembled in Japan)  25L/day, 4.5L capacity Dehumidifier!

When I switched it on, my living room was indicated at 83% humidity. Not surprising since my whole floor is condensing with water moisture and damp to the feet. So i brought my laundry in from the laundry room to the living room and having it dry at the same time while I "dehumidify" the room. Currently, the moisture indicator is at 77% and my floor is already feeling dry! I love it!

if this works out well, I wont hesitate to get another one specifically for the laundry room while this one will roam free from room to room. I dont know if Singapore sells dehumidifier now (they didnt 6 years ago) but maybe they should given all the rainy days coz this will surely speed up the drying of clothes. Then again, electric bill may be a consideration even if its energy saving label 1. Afterall, Singapore power service provider is sucking gold from all Singapore residents unlike in HK where the bill is significantly cheaper. I prob pay only HK$250 on average, with alot of gadgets such as PCs, fan etc turned on 24/7hr.

Anycase, I am just happy.

Go baby go! Go suck up all the moisture in the air! Go do your best damage!

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