Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please dont give your partner a "makeover" in public!

Back to dinner at Mango Tree.

As we had to wait a long time on a packed Sunday night, I had plenty of time to scan around me and check out the diners in the same joint.

What caught my eyes were this pair of HK couple, aged about 40yr+. We arrived at 7pm, and then they had already long finished their meal presumably and were sipping their pot of tea. When my main came at about 8.30pm, they were STILL hogging the table and sitting there. In fact, they even whip out their papers and were chatting and reading as if it was those Sunday Cha Chang Teng/ local Dim Sum place. I thought they were rather funny, the ability to sit there for over 1.5hour after their meal when they could be doing other stuff elsewhere. I dunno, I just dont think hogging the table when the place is so busy is a good practice. That's just me.

However, what really stunned me was that the woman (gf/wife whatever), proceeded from fiddling his nails, to onslaught of doing a full scale nail clipping for him at the seat! Oh dear lord! I couldnt believe my eyes. She was going all out, body in all angles to try to get the right "clip"! I nudge my husband to take a look and he was equally appalled and astonished that someone who do something like that at a fine dining place.

As usual, we started to make fun of them. As she had a huge pouch sitting on the table, where she had taken the nail clippers out from, we imagined the next course of possible actions. Will she start shaving them with a razor? Or better still, we mockingly laughed that she would get him to lie down on the sofa seat they were at, and she would start digging his ears or something with those ear scoop!

I figured if you are that ballsy to display such inappropriate behavior in public, you are fair game for all stares, open mocking and scrutiny. We must have laughed so hard while looking at their direction , and they prob heard us given the small distance between the tables. The guy quickly and abruptly stood up, wore his overcoat and left. The woman scrambled to keep her stuff and hankered after him. We were still laughing even minutes they had left. I am frankly surprised. I would expect such behavior from someone from China since I had seen aplenty of those on Singapore MRT, but from Hong Kongers, I had expected better especially a couple who seemingly seemed well brought up..oh well, looks are deceiving.

Sorry, I dont think this open "makeover" in public is romantic or display of affections. We are not monkeys where they have no qualms about picking out fleas anywhere, anytime. Dont get me wrong, you can do it behind closed doors but please, keep those nasty picking habits behind closed doors, public display of physical upkeeping aint romantic, it's plain disgusting and bad social manners.

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