Friday, October 30, 2015

29 Oct:

Took little bub out to grocery shop. It's a good day

While walking to the bus stop from home, the mini bus came and I was thinking damnit, can't walk fast enough to make it. To my pleasant surprise, this Filippino guy who was last in the Q saw me and decided to semi board the bus. Meaning he told the bus driver to wait, put one leg on the steps n waited for me. He made sure I could board the bus and told me to
Take me time. It's moments like this that is really heart warming!! 

Then in the supermarket, because I was carrying my boy in the baby carrier, I couldn't quite comfortably bent down to grab stuff and this Caucasian guy saw and helped me grabbed the stuff I need and asked if I needed anything else. 

While buying the vegetable, the packing auntie rushed to the back (telling another customer to just wait for her to come back) to cut up the squash into smaller portions for me coz she saw me juggling my boy and other groceries.

At Starbucks, the barista saw me waiting for my take away order while standing with a baby, he told me to sit down and will serve me my order when it's ready. He packed and took everything to me personally in one bag so that I can rest my feet while waiting and mind you he was busy and not like a quiet free moment. (HK Starbucks always have impressive customer service in most branches I go to on HK island) 

When I walked to the cab, the driver opened the auto door and told me to take my time and even tell me to forget the $2 ( the fare was $41.70) coz baby is sleeping. 

Today I declare is a good day. 
Actually every time I go out with baby, it's mostly a good day. Everyone seems to give me considerable considerations. Feeling thankful!


Reader said...

Congrats on your good day! Things seem to be looking up. Your baby boy's very cute btw!

Nomad said...

Thank u very much!! Yes!! Very thankful to get a respite!! Lol