Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 people died in Manila hostage situation.

It's a sad sad day.

7 tourist hostages were killed in the hostage situation in Manila by an ex-police officer. I dont know if he actually killed them in cold blood or were they killed amist the strays of cross fire when the police finally started to throw in tear gas and firing at their targets. All I know was everything was done too slowly.

Sigh...We all know the "efficiency" of some countries dealing with crisis..but this really was unnecessary death. So what if we demand answers and accountability from the country's government? All too little, all too late. Lives are already wasted and gone. Nothing said will bring them back, or make any sense to this mess. 

As I was watching the report live on TV, what was mortifying was to actually hear people laughing in the background during the dead silence and tense moment. Not just once, several times. What could actually be so funny in hostage situation like this is beyond me? I have no doubt it aint the reporters. It could only come from the local crowd milling around to see some "real action". I wont think anyone will be laughing that much if its someone close to them on that bus.

When the gunman finally slumped out of the shattered glass door, with blood gushing out of his wounds, I still felt sad for him even though he had performed a hideous crime of killing innocents for something they didnt do. How does any of this justify his actions? If he must go after someone, well in my opinion, go after the people whom you think have falsely accused you, leave innocent people alone. Widespread corruption in Philippine is not unknown, but how does doing what you do today convey anything?

Violence never solve anything. Forcing people to listen to you wont achieve the results that you want either. Why hasnt anyone learn that by now?


WhiteDuskRed said...

Too many guns in Phil. Legal pistols and illegal rifles... When a person have a gun in hand there's this weird sense of empowerment which cannot be described easily.

I do not believe in gun possession outside of law enforcement. Hell I don't believe in gun possession within law enforcement! But at least they have some sort of discipline due to their regimental training. But I'm not sure about countries like Phil whereby anything can be bought with money...

Nomad said...

I am with you there, I dont believe in gun ownership by civilians either. Too many needless deaths, may it be delusional student school shooting, disgruntled employee shooting, racial disharmony shooting, drugg addict shooting etc etc....I honestly have not seen how owning a gun has saved lives compared to innocent death by unlawful shootings. Do they compile statistics for such?

I can understand farmers owning guns to protect their herds from predators such as wolves etc, but for people living in a city, guns have no place in our lives. As if there isnt enough worries in our hectic lives to worry about someone opening fire at you out of the blue.

I think stun or pellet guns are better than options than bullets but since I dont do street patroling, I am in no position to judge.

Philippine is sadly renowned for their widespread corruption, esp so at the upper echelon of the ruling bodies. For all we know, this hostage taker could be a victim of conspiracy for NOT wanting to take a bribe and thus being framed for being one of them to discredit the threat of his existence. Well, it's just a figment of my imagination but whether the philippine troops have guns or not, or receive any regimental training, they have certainly proven last night that they have no idea how to effectively and use it in a timely manner.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Poorly trained is one issue. The confinement of a bus and conflicting information plays a big part in how the whole situation played out.

The driver ran out claiming that everybody died. What was that all about?!

Nomad said...

I think when the driver ran out thinking he shot everyone, might be the moment where the HK man tried to stop gunman and ended up being shot while protecting his wife. The driver in state of panick prob assumed the worse that the gunman had lost it and shot everyone. Afterall there were 7 dead people...i mean if either you and I are there, and a crazy man was firing rounds off his M16 at the hostages, we prob would assume the worst that he shot everyone.

i mean it could be lost in translation? Maybe he meant to say the gunman shot at everyone, and people presumed that "shot" meant shot to death here. Who knows... it was so chaotic...everyone was trying to grasp onto something. The media and viewin locals were so close that it was unbelievable.
The mash of info, the mad circus...everything and anything could have changed the ending...