Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahhh..lovely cup of choc

I knew dad wanted chinese food, so I struck off my "fish and chip" option for lunch. We decided to go for Dim Sum at Kam Fook at Bondi. If I might share, it was a bloody expensive "lunch" since we got booked $361 for driving at 76km on a 100m stretch of 50km, just after after exiting a 80km tunnel.It was obviously a speed trap and on such an unfortunate day, we got caught.

Well, no point letting them ruin the day.

Dinner was back at Kam Fook because Dad learnt that I had originally wanted to eat Fish and Chips. So he suggested steam fish instead to "compensate" for not able to eat what I had wanted. Dinner was nothing to crow about. I mean its just chinese food, and I get plenty of that in Hong Kong. With the exception that I had realllllllly nice steamd fat juicy Oysters....yummy!

After dinner, I decided I wanted to head to Max Brenner for my steamy hot choc. Dad was amused at my delighted orgasmic face as I lovingly cupped my "Hug Mug". It's always nice to hang out with dad, or rather my father in law, since I never ever had a chance to hang out with my own dad as he was too busy raising his 3 other mistress's Malaysian bastards. Is it evil of me to say I wish the whole family of them to rot in hell since it was thanks to them that I have such a dysfunctional disruptive childhood, and a cynic outlook in relationships?

I suppose life has been kind. What I was unfairly robbed of in my earlier half life, I was given another great dad, so much so that my partner complains that he had effectively "lost" his own dad to me. My evil charm at work. Ha ha!

As the saying goes, you dont know what you missing till you try it. I have never once envied or even crave for a real father growing up. It must be abnormal not to even wish for one but I never did. Mum and brothers did well to fill in the gap that the useless man left behind. Yet when my father in law entered my life, it was only then I wondered how nice it must be to grow up with a doting dad and what it must mean t o be "Daddy's little girl". I love my mum but we had a stormy relationship when I was young. While I relish my independence, I suppose I can better understand why some girls are utterly useless because they always had someone at home to turn to, someone like Dad.

While I will fret over my father in law's health, I never once cared about my own "figure" dad, he can honestly vanish from the surface and my heart wont miss a beat. Again, is that evil of me?

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