Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day packed with food and fun

Saturday is a glorious day.

My friends were to picked me up at the lobby so I thought it was a little strange that they told me to walk to harrington street. Just before I started heading off, Stan called me again saying that they are now at the reception. The strange thing was, I couldnt see them at the reception. So I called him up again and asked "WHICH reception?" Only to find out he had gone to the wrong apartment! When I had told him Quay Grand Suite, he literally presume I was I telling him I was staying in the grand suite, not realising that was the actual name of the service aprt! I was smacking him asking if I am such a snotty arse?! After the short eventful morning mixedup, the couple took me out for a nice lunch at Sopras in Surrey Hills.

It was quite a bit of a ride since alot of the roads were closed off for the construction of new bicycle lanes. The cafe was located in a delightful little warehouse kind of place with fresh produce and confectionary stores at the bottom. I think it must be some sort of kitchen school with dozen of benches packed with electrolux cooking appliances.

The food came in huge servings. I had the pan fried barramundi buried deep under a toss of apple greens while the other two had meatballs and other Italian stuff. I think we got a little over our head with this because we were supposed to have another Italian dinner in 6 hours...

After filling the pithole in us, we headed off to Bondi Junction to grab a couple of stuff which have "eluded" me in Hong Kong, such as bottles of Redkern shampoo, a kilo of raw FRESH cashews, and my Sunsational Sunblock sold in Suf Culture. I had a super deal for the shampoo. I shouldnt gloat in glee really but it wasnt my doing. It was going for A$22 a bottle and I grabbed 2. I gave the girl a $100 and she paused for the longest time. I looked at her and told her A$56 rite? She looked at me dazed and said "I am thinking how much to give u." Then she punched the calculator and gave me the change. I didnt look since I assumed she knew what she was doing. It wasnt until we were in the car and I wanted to transfer the grabbed change from the pocket to wallet that I realised she had given me $76 back. It was too late to head back to her, but seriously, it really isnt my fault that she couldnt event punch the calculator right? My guilt ran through its course after couple of mins and I was happy to head on.

We drove to Monavale. They wanted me to catch the sunset but we were alittle late after the shopping spree at the mall. It was 5.30pm and we were just in time to catch the "set-sun" and having a little tit-tac-toe with the hidden mine of dog poos littered all over. It was a dog park when the doggies can run free and wild, but would have been lovely if the owners could pick up the crap those doggies left behind. Some are really HUGE, so its kinda hard to miss....fortunately for us, the cold air must have dampen the smell because we didnt detect any offputting "fragrance" of the nature.

After grabbing a couple of shots, the happy trio sped on back to the couple's den at Pittswater. It was a lovely 2 storey standalone bungalow that was divided into two by the landlord. It was really nice the way they had doll up the pad. Stan certainly had more clothes than me, or as some gay friends had said "More clothes than 2 gay dudes put together." He blushed and alittle and gave me a proud grin. Heh. As for his chick, she certainly had more shoes than I can count. I felt like I was stepping into a mini fashion mall with the clothes, shoes, hats, bags and accessories sections. Despite all the teasing and taunting, I think its a great place they had set up.

Heading up to the living space, I really like the space. All these space for A$350 a week with utlities included. What a damn steal! As I stare at the big sony screen before me, I asked stan that I didnt rem his TV was that big at his other bachelor pad then, and he laughed saying that it was a new toy. That explains it!

After chilling for about 15mins- facebooking, setting the Tivo  and all, it was time to hit the road and heading off to Paddington for dinner at the top rated Buon Ricordo restaurant.

It must have been a lucky day. At 7.30pm on a sat night, we drove straight up to the single parking lot just in front of the restaurant. Lady luck was shining on us. The other couple and my partner was already there and while the initial start was alittle shy and awkward, a few little jokes and wine quickly broke the ice. I think it was a wonderful night with stellar company. Dinner was alright, and frankly I didnt see what the fuss was. It was ok, had a LONG wait for the main and we were just too busy chatting to pay notice. Even the semi freddo dessert  was pretty average and not as good as the one we had at Quay previously. I didnt even bother with a shot at the food, so I think it certainly wasnt that impressive for me despite the hefty price tag which we pick up. It was a pleasure with delightful friends that made the nite perfect of course. I couldnt ask for more!

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