Friday, August 13, 2010

Food Review: Arrival in Sydney and dining at Bilsons Restaurant Sydney

This couldnt be a better Sydney Trip than I can ask for!

Firstly I didnt get to see people I didnt want to see, and then I got to hang out with the lovely people I wanted to hang out with! It was the loveliest weekend of all the time spent in sydney!

As usual, I spent the first 2 days in Sydney waking up just in time to see the shops 4.30pm. What's new - with my sleep pattern absolutely incongruent with Sydney business hours. It isnt my fault really. I didnt get to sleep on the overnight flight, had some problems with the first noisy room and didnt get to sleep till 3pm on arrival day. And since my hours were out of whack and there was seemingly no purpose to get up at all, I just slept while my partner struggled away at work. Hoo hoo Hoo...

Friday was dinner nite with Mum and Dad at Bilson Restaurant. Maybe I have been away too long or I was too lucky the other dining time because this winter menu wasnt really that great. It wasnt bad, it just wasnt mouth-wateringly orgasmic. Presentation was still top notch but there were certainly some hit and misses. I think there was some experimentation going on with some oriental or rather indian flavour mixed in. French cusine and hint of Indian esp soup...dun really do it for me.

However, at Bilson, they had the best mushroom combination mix I ever had. I couldnt describe it and my words will only serve to do injustice to that particular course. And the accompanying salty bread that came along with it, dipped in the mushroom custard sort of dish was absolutely divine. I dont know how they did it but that was certainly brillant my man! The other scallop starter served on a bed of mushed peas or lentils was ok but since I hate mushy things esp beans and peas, I was positively glad I didnt picked that.

As for dessert, I went for chocolate affaire. I mean it's really no brainer since I never like cherry desserts, in this case Lemon-cherry mix and I dislike Souffle. Mine was pretty good. Not too rich and certainly appealing in both presentation and taste. I had a taste of the lemon cherry and it was alittle over the top for me. The blood orange Souffle was ok. I never quite know how to comment on a souffle. It rises, didnt collapse, taste bubbly. yeah that's about it. I didnt quite get the hint of blood orange but mum likes it and that's all it matters.

The main was bordering on average and frankly nothing to crow about. I had the duck slices. It was ok. The fish was rather prettily presented but I thought the combination tasted a little strange.

Bilson has gone under.

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