Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday chit chat @ The rocks

Caught up with G-nie on Sun. Good to have friends who drive because I like being driven:)  Some things, some people and some taste just doesnt change. So it doesnt come up as a surprise as I see her driving up the lobby in her new Mazda. We decided to head off to the Rocks for a quick bite and dessert. She had wanted to try La Renaissance cafe for its famous dessert cakes. Food really wasnt great but the choc was sinfully rich...I think having one by ourselves were alittle ambitious. It was better for sharing...

Incidentally, if I didnt know better, one of us must have done something right, presumably me, because it was another lucky day parking! Not only did we had the perfect lot smacked right in front of where we want to, the car owner of the parking there previously even offered us the 1 hour free ticket! So we got a GREAT lot for FREE hour!! Talk about lucky!!! If I am a gambler, I would have gone pick some numbers! But since I was not, I just said my prayer and thanks like a little good catholic-schooled girl should:)

The short burst of rain stopped from the minute we met and it was another glorious day. Even the praaroket was out to play and grace us with their presence while we were having lunch. It didnt even try to peck at our food. My partner did the most "annoying chinese" thing by asking gwenie when she is gonna settle down. I almost wanted to clobber my partner to death for being such an insensitive bloke with absolutely no tact over such delicate matters. Seriously, as if that is the question to ask even for MY friends! This is one reason why I dun like men in a girls hangout session. G-nie prob was already used to being questioned by nosy people like my partner and said she hasnt met anyone and no one is rushing her. I was trying to steer the topic away by asking how was James, another common friend we had and hung out together. I think I might as well have put my foot in my mouth because the two girls looked at each other funnily and said, they have no idea about James. I laughed and said "I smell a fishy story somewhere but I shant ask till I get my partner out of the way." (and I did...:P)

It was a good afternoon session. We even had a nice stroll along the harbour and caught some nice pixs.

After chasing my partner off, we had (an even) more relaxed chit chat session for the remaining time at starbucks thereafter. We thought the lady in the Q should really lay off the sweets and caffeine since it obviously isnt doing her any favors...We were just saying....

Finally alone, we could be more up front and frank. So James the spolit child was officially out of the picture after the "thing" he had with my gf didnt work out. I suppose modern woman really dont appreciate their guy to be mummy's boy at age of 35, where mummy will come clean the house every week from melbourne, do the laundry, pack his bag when he has medical conference etc. Seriously... we like big boys, but we draw the line at liking big SPOILT mummy's boy.

Of course upon further probing, G-nie had ended a 2 year on-off thingie after moving back to Sydney and in her line of elderly health care work line of work, its virtually impossible for her to meet anyone. The only patients she ever sees are the old dying ones. It really isnt morale boosting kind of occupation really...

Then we talk about men. First love, ongoing love, broken love whatever it is to do with men.

We laughed at how at late teens, you think Love is everything. Then when you go thru' the twenties, you wisen up and if you are unlucky to go through a bad patch in love, you come to terms that Love isnt everything. Bread is. Only a fool would rate love over bread.

And when you are thirties, you tell yourself what you need is a balance of love and bread, and you could sit down with your gfs and laugh at the silly teenage you who use to think so highly of love.

One of girls recently went on an arranged blind date. Virtually unheard of in the west but socially acceptable in the east. It was a guy whom the aunt knew. While it wasnt love on first sight, things seem to be progressing well. As we sat there in starbucks sharing our views, insights and previous "lessons" in love and heartache, its interesting how we all came to a same conclusion and observation of man in general. It got really funny as we sat there swopping tips and advices.

- Never go for something who isnt of the similar family background. It's courting trouble.
- Always check out his friends, as the people he hang around with speaks volume about the sort of person he is.
- The way and frequency he talks about his folks, esp his mum is a good indicator of the sort of family man he is, not to mention if he is the good son, or the "GOOD SON".
- The way he interacts with his friends also says alot of the dude.
- Check out his pad. Not for how well he is doing but for his personal habits. No, we really dont want a messy man in our life.

If I thought I was cynical, I didnt realise my gf was more cynical than I was. She dont even believe in happy outcome in first love. That I couldnt agree because I have seen happy couple blossom in their first relationship, and have an enviable lasting marriage. G-nie and I had to disgaree citing friends and family has examples of how first love can still happy but its rare like a bloody blue moon for sure.

The eve ended in a flash and I had to leave for dinner. Short as it might be, it was still nice to catch up after a year apart.

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