Saturday, August 7, 2010


Went crazy shoe shopping today!

Had nice dinner with an ex-colleague tonight, just chatting and sharing gossips. It was off to Times Square shopping. I havent bought anything sinnce the sale started, and frankly I wasnt expecting to buy anything since the trip was more for my gf who wanted to buy something from French connection. Unfortunately during sales, stock moves fast!

As we descended to the next level, I passed Camper and next thing I knew, I went berserk. Tried on pairs and pairs of shoes and in the end, despite my loftiest desire not to spend too much, I still broke my piggy with carting away 3 pairs of shoes! There were so comfortable that I couldnt resist. As I told my gf, if you find a pair of shoes that are comforatble and fit, dont let go! This holds true for people like me with a bigger left foot by 0.5size. Shoes makers still havent wisen up to make shoes half size bigger for the left foot or right after all these years. Its a human fact that most of us have bigger foot on either side but no, shoe makers couldnt be bothered....

Anycase, as I was browsing through, it wasnt long that my gf nudged me and whispered that another lady seated next across us, was trying exactly the same shoes in the same sequence after me. It wont have mattered except that we were always eyeing the same design and unfortunately, size 38 doesnt come in many quantity. Most of the design only had one size left. So it was a matter of who gets to dig their feet in first!

I had a good 5mins headstart since I was in the shop before her. So I could hear her go "Oh that is a nice pair, can I try that?" everytime I put on a new design. It wasnt her day because I happen to like most of the shoes. Those that I let her have a try, she didnt want to buy. She kept eyeing on those that I had already decided I wanted to buy, both the red and the panda looking ones (which looks more like puppies in the grey shade that I bought). To a point she asked the sales to ask me to let her have a go at some of the pairs which I rejected.

For one, I dont see a point in lettin her put her sockless (unclean) feet into my brand new shoes. Secondly, that was the last pair and even if she tried it, she wouldnt have been able to buy it. And thirdly, because she is mainland chinese. Fourthly, because she is mainland chinese and I dont trust them, who knows if I will ever get my shoes back if I let her try it. She might decide to wear it and pay for it and I can do absolutely nothing since I havent paid for it and wont be able to force her to take it off.  So I rejected the request on the spot without hesitation. Call me a bitch watever but those are mine! Bwhahahahaha. (Evil laugh of a shoe craze woman)

After that, it wasnt enough and I ended up buying some tops from Massimo Dutti while my gf had her eyes set on Zara. Both of our wallets bled tonite. Despite the really heavy dinner with dessert, I propose to have another chinese dessert.... Christ I feel so fat now....

It poured like mad after our meal but stuff it, we are contented women and nothing could spoil my day! I just love my campers..... they are really solid walking shoes!

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