Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekly update on Ms Tardy again!

wah lao....simeh buay can someone be so freaking uesless?

I think Ms Tardy has picked up my negative vibes to stay away BUT....

On Wednesday, she was late for class again (what's new) and came in when sensei was halfway explaining a new grammar and asking us to form sentences. When she took her seat next to me, I was replying sensei so I didnt have to make any eye contacts with her. As usual, she didnt even say thanks to me for taking her notes for her & place it on her seat. I honestly dont know why she bothered to come to class if she is going to miss half the lecture?

As I had made up my mind to stop her leeching on me in class, she was completely lost in class on Wed. When it was her turn to make her own sentence, she faltered, looked at sensei blankly. Even when sensei was telling her the answer, Ms Tardy just couldnt heck it and kept turning around asking in cantonese "What? what?" As sensei was focused on her, and trying to explain to her, Ms Tardy instead of trying to understand what was being explained, was more concerned about not looking stupid in class by turning to the guy seated few seats away from her for help. The guy wasnt very sure himself and finally Ms tardy lost it and had her first mini-outburst exclaiming in Cantonese in exasperated tone "I dont even know what the hell she (teacher) is talking about!" Yeah great, like throwing tantrum is going to get you marks. I didnt even care enough to sniggle because she really is a dead weight. I need to get away from her!!!

After the class, I scooted off my seat to ask Sensei advice on my assignment and Ms Tardy just causally said to me "Oh I cannot do lunch with you today." I replied her"Oh ok, I cannot do lunch with u either." Secretly I was thanking my lucky stars!!!

Then back to her sucking up to the new born mum. She was trying to "organise" the visit and of course, her fuckup organising got us no where and so another girl replied to the thread and suggested that since the 4 of us are busy next week and have to leave by 2pm, she proposed we should postpone the visit and just have lunch with the new born mother. I replied to the thread and said agreed. Meanwhile I directed to Ms Tardy aka "Ms Organisor" to ensure she go book a place else last minute, no way we can secure a table during peak lunch hour.

Ms Tardy, instead of refering to the thread and count the number of headcount with her fingers, fucking useless pig head instead post "Err...for how many people." You stupid or what, how many people in the class??? This question is insulting her intelligence that I dont even want to answer. Dont want to waste my breath on a person who dont even have basic skills on arranging a SIMPLE lunch. Every time I organise, did i once ask YOU how many people? I mean why do you need people to prompt u or tell u what to do?

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