Friday, June 15, 2012

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Finally my man is coming home from his long trip and I can have someone to whine to again! Life is so boring without my hubby, coz there is no one at home for me to make them squeal with my relentless poking and bullying. Hohoho.

After sleeping mostly for 2 weeks, it's time to slowly awake from my hibernation mode. How can one sleep so much? I dunno. It has got to be genes.

Ex-bf text me today asking if I am feeling better. He texted me the other day just to tell me he was back in Sg and heading back to China and I happened to tell him I am sick. It's kinda funny actually if I looked back at our past messages. It's always about "where we are now." "Where are you" "sick" "at the airport".

Anycase, today he text me that he is back in Sg for his mum's prayers. Again, no idea why he want to tell me that but oh ok. So I just text him back "Good boy." I mean, what else can I say right? I cannot say say a prayer on behalf right? he replied back "good boy? Funny. Monk made me do everything..."

Anycase, during my trip back to Sg, I told my mum that my exbf's mum has passed away. She was shocked. I mean come on, who wont be shocked?

Then during one of the car ride, I cannot remember what my brother and I were talking about, i think its about relationship and so i told him about the death of my exbf's mum as well. He was equally surprised. I think he was more surprised that the two of us were even talking? For some reason, I think my brother thought I hated my ex to death, but it couldnt be further than the truth. Strangely much that I was angry for a short while but sadder for a longer, but I dont think I am very capable of really hating someone. I can ignore someone but hating? That's so not me unless u tell me pissed off at someone is the same as hating?

I didnt see a point in harboring anger or hatred over something like emotions. Like I told my mum, regardless what happened, I did had a great time together. In many ways than not, he did more than what my own father ever did for me. He taught me to swim, his dad paid for our tennis lessons, and frankly when we went travelling to Europe, I am sure his parents had given him some allowances. And when it was my bro's wedding, he tried to help out etc. So to me, he wasnt all that bad. In every relationship, there is give and take. At least with him, I had learnt many things and through the relationship breakup, I too realised many important lessons about relationships. Not to mention, living a life without a baggage is way much better than having to "avoid" people in life.

Incidentally, I bumped into one of his old bestfren and his wife while I was in Sg. They were actually the other couple whom we hung out with alot back then. I havent seen them since the breakup in states and my last conversation with his fren was "How could u know and not tell me?" I suppose that was why when he saw me, the look of shock and surprised was blatantly registered all over. He was obviously speechless and didnt know what to say. In turn, that made me kinda speechless too.

The wife was a bitch as before but I really dont want to waste my breath on her. It was suffice to say that her husband was equally appalled by her lack of tact and grace. I didnt want to be rude and tell her how unfortunate that their kids looked more like her than her Chinese husband.

Anycase, it was a short 2-3mins hi-bye but felt longer than that. It's strange that it wasnt even that awkward when I last had a meal with my ex. Maybe because he didnt know that my ex and I had mended our friendship since he himself is no longer in touch with my ex. So he didnt quite know what to say.

This is really one hell of a "bump into" that felt a not so sweet taste in my mouth for no conceivable reasons. And for reasons unknown, the meeting brought this song to mind...

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