Friday, June 22, 2012

wah takes over a week for a moron to book a simple lunch.

How many days does it take a moron to organise a simple lunch date? More than a week and still not settled.

She kept asking us what food and where. I replied, just ask the new born mum, she can decide and we will follow. Moron then said, new born mum said anything, let us decide. Are u fucking stupid, I already just told u we will go with the flow! I "LUN" (control), so I didnt reply to her stupid post. Another HK gal instead replied on my behalf and repeated "Let new born mum decide, we eat anything." Moron wrote back "She suggested japanese. So How."

U fucking moron.
I replied. "Ok. Go ahead and book."

Moron replied
"New born mum says u guys decide where."

I "LUN" dont reply. I really want to sit this one out.
Super "PEK Chiat" liao (beyond Fed up)

The other HK girl reply again "We are fine with anything."
At this point I already buay tahan this moron organisation skill. I need you to ORGANISE and NOT be a fucking voice message rely idiot.

Finally, new born mum suggested something. Moron asked us if ok.
We said ok. Then Moron wrote back and said "Oh the place is full, so how we need to pick again." I though she finally show some common sense to let us pick 2 jap place when she include the links but when i click, fucker only gave a link to a page full of various jap places in CWB..hello, isnt this as good as we doing the job for u?

No one bothered to reply her.
Then today she wrote, new born mum suggested a Thai place.

I replied "Ok."
Moron repled. "I am ok too. how about others leh?"

I really sipeh sipeh sipeh buay tahan so had to tell her off liao.
"Why dont you just go ahead and BOOK the place FIRST and then if later cannot, then we cancel lah. Else wait and wait like forever and you wont get a table in the end."

Moron replied
"Oh ya GOOD idea!"

Yes you fuckwit. It's not good idea, it fucking COMMON SENSE.

This moron really sipeh sipeh jialat. Gone case.
Old people always describe people like this "Mo Nao" (No Brain)...
Work with this kind of people really "vomit blood"... the brain so "thum bye".
really "ha-base" gone case.

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