Thursday, June 14, 2012

The beauty about Singaporean speech? Only my fellow local countryman can read and understand it.

I posted my FB status last nite. Never expect any response or people understood my Hokkien malay rojak and probto non-singaporean, this seemed very gibberish! heh heh heh.. I feel so at home already. Launguage is such a powerful medium. It draws people closer together instantly. Quite funny that my fren commented that I havent lost my Hokkien roots. Seriously, how to forget my first mother tongue that I learn to curse in? Come to think of it, I do miss speaking Hokkien. It's so raw and crude but straight to the point...hahahaa

FB status, venting off steam.
"I really want to KaoPeh about this very KNS eh lang. Super the KiamPah Jialat. Really See peh see peh BuaySong BuayTahan! Dah-bai bedek bedek bah.bodoh, tang lang Keoh Sai. Bin-Pei Sibei Gao . Go Fk spider lah!"

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