Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ms Tardy and her usual uselessness

It was interesting going back to class. As usual, Ms Tardy was super late again and expect us to cover her slack.

What was even more interesting is that it would appear that I am not the only one being annoyed or found Ms Tardy unreliable. During discussion before our presentation, there was no part allocated to Ms Tardy at all. I pointed that discrepancy to the other 2 gals and from their tone, it was apparent that NO ONE trusted Ms Tardy to either be present or be of any value.

As expected, during the whole oral presentation and Q&A, Ms Tardy just sat there looking stupid but trying very hard to look the "smart" part. While conversation flow between the 3 of us and audience, she just sat there with her fake "Hoo hoo hoo" laugh to try to look as if she is mingling. What an utter loser. I can safely say, she probably didnt understand 50% of the Japanese conversation that was taking place and that was why there was no contribution on her part!

When it was over and we were all heading to the restroom, the topic about the baby present came up. I wont have brought it up except that one of the gal sounded resentful that we had to pay so much more for the present. I simply admitted "Oh I was pissed about that!" The 2 other gals chimed in and said "Me too!" I guess I wasnt the only one to feel the same about the fucking behaviour of Ms Tardy. The other gal, like me, raised the issue as to why Ms Tardy couldnt have told us in advance she was sharing the present?! She told me she complained to her hubby straight away and when she saw my email to Ms Tardy, she felt her feelings were validated and glad that we felt the same.

Of course the scary thing about some women is that, despite being terribly angry with her, they manage to cover up their emotions towards her. I found it abit hard on my part. I honestly didnt want to converse with her at all. She is still too annoying at this junction for me to try to pretend to be all friendly.

During lunch, again, Ms Tardy's "Oh I agree" mannerism surfaced. Whatever others say, she would go "me too me too!" I had to remind myself not to roll my eyes and so I just kept drinking my hot tea to keep half of my facial expression obscured. I almost wanted to ask her "Do you have any other opinion apart from Me too?"

In fact, when she said she stayed up very late last night, i had to bite my tongue from sarcasm that her late night "preparation" was completely OF NO USE today during the impromptu conversation. How can you "memorise" any conversation. Only an moron like her will think it is doable. Funnily, no one bothered to ask her why she stayed up so late.

The gals mentioned about group study and of course MS pig Tardy said she wanted. Dear lord no, I really dont want to see Ms leech twice aday. I am thinking if it would be rude to tell the other gals that I dont find MS Tardy of any valuable contribution, She will only be leeching off us. I really dont want to open my door to her. I think I am beyond fedup at this junction.

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