Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ms Tardy did it again!

It's simply amazing how one person can manage to piss me off consecutively for 3 days straight. Honestly, I am starting to understand as to why some of her student's parents can treat her not so nicely. You know how there are some people in this world that "are asking for it?" Well, I think she really is one of those.

After her non surprising lack of contribution in class yesterday, just when I thought I can have a break from her for a week, she pissed me off again. The group of us had lunch after class yesterday. I wouldnt have gone if it was just her but since there were others, I thought might as well.

During lunch, we mentioned about arranging a new date to visit the new born. Honestly, I dont really give a damn if I see that baby or not. Firstly, I am not close to the mum and secondly, well secondly, what can you do with a sleeping baby apart from making small talk the mother which I have no interest in. Normally, I dont mind visiting good frens and their new born since I genuinely would like to visit the mum. Yes, it's the mum I am visiting, not the baby. The baby cannot response, what's so fun about visiting a baby? At least a toddler  is more fun than a newborn. Hence in this case, there was no motivation...

For some reason, Ms Tardy really super on when it comes to visiting this new born and mother. Maybe she is rich and Ms Tardy feels like she wants to suck up or something, I honestly dont give 2 hoots about it. We talked about trips and I mentioned about my Oz trip in 2 weeks.

Maybe Ms Tardy is trying to do me a favor, she decided to self organised another visitation exactly in 2 weeks time. Thanks lor. Exactly on my day of departure. What kind of idiot tries to organise things WITHOUT first asking for a range of dates or days and expect everyone to make it on ONE day. Obviously Ms Tardy is no corporate material with the obviously lack of organisational skills, and she really is better off being self employed piano teacher for the rest of her life...

So as expected, some others can make it, some cannot. Then Ms Tardy come asking me what to do. Ki Si lah! You so KPO want to organise then dont count on me. All the fucking time expect me to cover your shit in class and now still want to bother me? Stooopid gal.

Then last night, her new FB status is "Why am I so unlucky? Just bought an Apple Mac book and the new model is out."

Hello STUPID. it's not bad luck. It's you being so ignorant and lam nua, never go do your research and chao he lang, never listen to what I say. You asked me for my views exactly one month ago, I already tell you Apple will normally update their range in June, so can wait and see. You deaf and dumb, always like to ask people for advice but dont listen, and rather paste on FB and repost your question of "should I buy apple" to your bunch of ignorant IT illiterate friends, then serve you right lor. Plus, if you actually bother to read proper tech news, then you will also know the new model was announce some time back lor just like how they do it with iPad pre-launch. Seriously, which fucking planet have you been living on? Also, before you buy, you dunno how to ASK the sales one meh when is the next new model? You want to pretend to be smart, act smart, and just want to brag to the world u have got an Apple, well Ms Tardy, this is what happens.

The other thing that had more direct impact was how during lunch, we were talking about forming study group, she immediately jumped in and voluteered herself. I secretly winced to myself. Seriously You fucking leech, please no. What on earth do you think you can bring to the table apart from your stupidity? I had shared a private lesson with you before and you were completely a waste of human time and the only reason you were good then was to split the cost. For that, I didnt mind helping you on and off to "balance" off the value of your existence to me. However, you took it for granted and it's bad enough I have to do your homework and presentation, still expect me to teach you? Fuck off lor. I am no saint. and my name is not Theresa either.

That eve, I wrote to my other gf that my preference is for small group only (since I am offering my place as the venue), and that with a big group, SOME people will just be lazy, show face and chit chat only wasting without contributing and waste everyone's time. The gal I wrote to is very smart, one of those very perceptive HK gal. She immediately wrote back that she get my concern and that she agree that a smaller focus group will be better, and so it shall just be us 3, excluding Ms tardy. Ho sei!! Thank god!!! There is a reason why i like hanging around bright people. When communication is involved, we do not have to say everything out in black and white. Amen. Thank god for creating like minded people.

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