Monday, June 25, 2012

Bye Bye Ms Tardy

OMG! Hurray!!!

Finally a message worth celebrating!! Ms Tardy has suddenly announced that she had decided to quit class after this module end!

Unsurprisingly, she came up with all sort of shit excuse saying that "her health" issues and so she had to put her studies on hold. mean your laziness got the better of you?!

She claimed that the fall that she suffered last year is sooooooo bad that it had resulted in her structural issue. Errr...she merely tripped over a curb and suffered scratches and that was like 1 year ago? I was there when she fell and it didnt look that serious and she certainly did not complain about it all these while, and suddenly this week the problem suddenly surfaced with such dire consequences? Cannot help but be suspicious about her claim just around this period now that I decided NOT to let her leech on me? And that the other classmates didnt want her to leech on to? I suppose she wants to wait a year and rejoin the class with the new born mum that she has been sucking up to. Good, you two deserve each other!

Regardless, while I hope sincerely nothing too bad happened to her. If it is true, I certainly hoped that she will recover well.

I am sure glad that I am free!!! No more having to worry about having to partner a slacker anymore!! Fantastic!! I knew sooner or later she will give up when she realised she is too far behind the rest of the class but this soon is like striking lottery!

Goes to isnt me who have no confidence in her. Even she herself knows where she stands. Amen.

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