Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ms Tardy pig pisses me off

A seemingly innocuous person can also at times be one of those thorn in the flesh, and I found myself staring into one these days.

She started off all innocent, all friendly to everyone. Now i remember why I have always DISLIKE and DISTRUST all those irritating people who thinks or wants to be FRIENDS with EVERYBODY. Basically they are unreliable, spineless insecure piece of shit without the ability to stand their own grounds which explains why they sooo desperately need to be friends and liked by everyone.

Newsflash! It doesnt happen buddy, not in this planet. No one can be friends with everyone. That's the law of being.

The issue I have with her isnt that she wants to be liked by everyone. I honestly dont give a shit who likes or dislike her. However, it's another thing when you start to get on my bad side by acting stupid.

For a long time now, her tartiness was starting to get to me. She is ALWAYS late for class. Again, why does it concerned me? Well, stop fking expect me to spoon feed you with all my notes if you cannot get your lazy arse up in time when the rest of us can. And if u expect people to take all the notes for you, which part of the word "reciprocal" do you not understand?

Initially, I didnt get why a someone from her holiday tour group would openly criticise her on Fb and got her all huffing and puffing mad. I mean seriously continuously made scant remarks about her. I ddint know what she did to trigger that floodgate of attacks, esp from someone who only shared a trip with you. As far as I am concerned, you two are strangers and yet she wanted to pick on you should have set off alarm bells in my head. Well it did, I just didnt respond to it though I found it ironically funny like a slap in her face since she was bragging on and on about how wonderful and fun her group tour was and how everyone was sooo nice to each other like some fucking airy fairy tale. Guess it was only her her slow witted mind that she thinks everyone is "besties". What a moron.

I didnt know what was written but according Ms Tardy, she claimed it was character slander. Suffice to say, she didnt elaborate except that the attacker had said she was a phony bitch or something along the line. That incident was months I am beginning to comprehend why some others are so pissed off with her.

She has a bad habit I noticed. She likes to to agree with what everyone says without actually contributing her views or even hold one. It's almost like she wants to go along to please. So annoying!!! I came to notice that she would always complain about something, or ask me for advice on the matter, but only to repeat the same question on her FB. Then what the fuck u ask me to give u advice for? Now, I simply brush her off. Dont waste my breath.

Recalling another incident where she was complaining to me about how expensive to pay Hk$390 per person for a private makeup lesson shared within the 3 of them. Firstly I didnt know why she even bother since she dont even shower before coming to class and she stinks. I can virtually smell her unchanged bedsheet and drool. Secondly, in the past 3 years, I have never seen her use or own any makeup. Anycase, after she complained, I told her dont waste money if she doesnt get much benefit from it. She agreed completely and then next day, she went to sign up for another HK$350 per person makeup session @Mac with the same gf. You get what I am driving home here? First complain complain, then stupidly someone ask her to go along for makeup class, she still went ahead to pay because she feels like or need to be "part of something" so that she can update her stupid FB status.

Another thing, she like to use FB to reinforce her sense of self importance. What pisses me off this week was her lack of contribution to a group project, totally fucking forgetting to do her share and scooted off for her holiday, while I had to cover her slack. Fucker. I had specifically told her to pass us her share on Sunday, but comes Tues nite before the dateline on Wed, she was still busy packing her luggage. meanwhile, her FB notification from Sun to Tuesdays was flashing through my ipad with her sharing of her "happy day out shopping." "happy day out with my new permed hair" "Oh what a wonderful day to idle at home." As if it wasnt bad enough she didnt do her share, she had to stupidly tell everyone how free and relaxed she was. Tonite, I saw her status update and it said " working hard for presentation tomorrow" Making it sound as if she is soooo darn hardworking and all these self importance is really pissing me off. I bet tomorrow she will be Ms Stutter Queen again and depend on us to save her from the pits of embarrassment and not look like blatant idiot. I dont make it a habit to see people fall flat but in her case, I love to see it once, just once to make me feel emotionally balanced.

As if that wasnt enough to cast enough ill-will in her direction, she didnt tell us she went ahead to buy present for a friend, despite having said that she will share in the group present. Fucker. Now I have to pay more for the present. I am not happy. Of course I am not happy. I told her off that she should have told us way earlier. SHE KNEW we were buying a group present but no, she want to suck up to the Ms Richie Rich with her Oo and Ahhh over the cute newborn. Oh pluuuzzzz...makes me wanna gag... She had 2 weeks to tell us that she wasnt gonna share but the mashed-potato-head did not of course. I wont be ranting if she did.

There are alot more little things that are snowballing and really really making me disgusted with her. Unfortunately, how she loves to sit next to me. I so hate to let her copy my notes that now, I just dont even write down anything anymore because if  I get it and you dont, too bad. Go pay more attention next time.

Ms piggy Tardy aside, during the time that I have been sick this week. I found out who really has a good soul. Another classmate called me and sent me text messages if I needed her to get lunch for me since she knew my man was out of town and being sick & alone, she was concerned I would starved. You see, THIS IS what I call a GOOD person and worthy as a friend. A friend in the hour of need, is a true friend indeed. Ms Tardy bitch didnt even as much offer a get well text, despite always expecting me to help her with her fucking homework in the middle of the nite or 2am in the wee morning. I learnt to not bother with her watsapp messages anymore and feign innocence the next day. Too bad. I never claimed to be Snow white with a big heart.

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